Greek Bible Studies

Greek & Aramaic
Greek Word Studies
G10 Word
G11 Rhema
G12 Resurrection
G13 Prayer
G14 Gift
G15 James 5:14-17
G16 Know Love
G17 Power
G18 Money
G19 Margarita and Sophia
G20 Romans 12:1,2
G21 Gospel
G22 Perfection
G23 Judgement
G24 Ego

Aramaic Word Studies
GA1 Honor (with Greek words)
The Aramaic Language
Verse Comparisons with the King James
Book of Enoch

Some Greek words and definitions are taken from the Strongs exhaustive Concordance.
Others are taken from the original Greek
Textus Receptus:
Stephanus      1550
Elzevir            1624
Griesbach       1805
Lachman        1842
Tishendorf      1865
Tregelles        1857
Alford    1868-1870
Wordsworth   1870
Rickerberry   1897