Lesson #204 What is Faith?

Mark 11:22,23  Hebrews 11:1

When you have a revelation of how much God loves you, your faith improves Our faith is a conviction of His promise. Have the God kind of faith:

*Faith is the by-product of God revealing Himself to you
*Faith goes much farther than you could go yourself.
Faith is knowing God’s voice.
Faith is trusting God completely.
*Faith is part of the reality of God.
*Faith is the ability to live life in God’s will.
*Faith is the consciousness of the availability of God
*Faith is not impressed with your limitations. It will not consult you of the things of God.
*Faith takes you from I can’t; to I can. From meaning well to knowing well, From a good idea to a God idea. His Word is our divine right.
*Faith is knowing a report that is stronger than the world’s report
*Faith accepts ‘the pre-view
*Faith is a life force, and without it, the Christian life is worthless

*Faith is the supernatural existence to aid us to perform our God given destiny.
*Faith puts a demand on the gifts of the Spirit.
*Faith perceives what isn’t. When God says it, and you believe it, you will be sure of the outcome.
*Faith holds on to the provisions and promises of God.
God made faith so that we could cooperate with His help without human effort.
*Faith will produce expectations of greatness.
*Faith knows not to get the answer, but knows that you already have it.
*Faith is knowing the power you have on your side to conquer the anything the enemy puts out.
Little faith can still count on Jesus, but great faith can carry themselves and others who have little faith.
Listen, and your faith will talk to you.