Raised from the dead – Mahesh Chevda

A few years ago my wife Bonnie was pregnant with our fourth child. She had a condition called placenta praevia and she was going to lose that baby.

In the 5th month she couldn’t hold it anymore and she delivered a very premature boy. We named him Aaron and he was dying. He weighed less than one pound. He had a severe brain hemorrhage, total lung malfunction and gangrene in the intestines.

The doctor said; He would live perhaps a few hours, maybe a few days, but if he lived, he would be in a vegetative condition” Little Aaron barely hung unto life.

My wife insisted at that time that I would keep a commitment that I had to preach in Africa with a good friend brother Derek Prince.My wife would have to bury our son while I was gone and I remember anointing my  son with oil and telling Aaron; “Daddy loves you. I probably will not see you again son, but I give you to Jesus”

We had some great meetings, preaching and miracles in Zambia and I went to preach in the Mikondo where the Holy Spirit poured himself out in a mighty way. On Wednesday morning, in front of about 40,000 people, I sensed the power of the Holy Spirit was present to heal. In that atmosphere I had a clear impression and I spoke that out.

I said; “There is a man here whose son died this morning. Come up. A man named Mulamba Manikai came up and said; “My son died early this morning of cerebral malaria. His body is in Mamayemo Hospital in the morgue.”

And according to African custom, his family was watching over him. In fact, I have the death certificate of Katshinyi in my book. I laid hands on the father Mulamba and the 6 year old dead body of Katshinyi sneezed twice and rose up! The Holy Spirit had raised him up!

But at the same time, the wonder and faithfulness of the Holy Spirit is so awesome, the anointing at the same moment went to my son’s dying body in Florida and healed him totally! Healed him of cerebral hemorrhage, healed his lungs, healed his intestines..

And because of the healing anointing, today he is a student in the University of North Carolina! Healthy and strong and committed to the Lord!

Mahesh Chavda is a former Hindu from India. He is now
over All Nations church in North Carolina and has seen
the healing and salvation of many all over the world.
A miracle from 1984, as told at Azusa in 2006