Lesson #151 Manifestations

There are different types of ‘spiritual’ seeds from the tree of life & the tree of knowledge (of good and evil)

Psalm 1:1 ( from WALKING, to SITTING, to STANDING) From the dark tree mixed with false visions of the future:

FEAR, WORRY or DOUBT comes from hearing (listening) the words of the devil (without these, it is impossible to please the devil).

ANXIETY, DEPRESSION or UNBELIEF comes from meditating on his words (only perfectlove casts out fear 1 John 4:18)

STRESS (pain, physical or mental),
SUICIDAL WAYS (imploding), or
REBELLION (exploding) comes from these ‘seeds’ that have ‘budded’ into a plant and then to a ‘tree’ with bad ‘fruit’. A tree is known by its fruit (Matt 7:17). The seeds start in the ground (mind) and work their way to the flesh and must be made manifest with time. In Galations 5:19-21, Paul gives us ways that these seeds are fully grown and manifested for other people to see. People grow
accustomed to the seeds in their garden (good or bad Prov. 14:12) because they have accepted these seeds as truth and feel they will do no harm, especially if these seeds were planted through a parent(s) or a ‘trusted’ source.

A few examples;

NON BELIEF is not hearing the Word, but UNBELIEF is to undo a belief that you had in the past (Matt 13:18). This is a manifestation of bad seeds that grow into trees that are difficult to remove, especially when ‘leaders’ are cultivating them. Even when Jesus went to His hometown of Galilee, His miracles were held up by the belief that no one holy could come from their town.

FEAR is a message of lack that attempts to make you DOUBT the Word of God.
i.e. You wont have (or deserve) a future, or money, safety, health, approval, success etc.

PRIDE is the overestimate of oneself. A seed of comparison guides you to think you are better off/better looking/smarter/richer etc. than someone else. These seeds are self-glorifying, self-preserving, and self-serving. (All sin is selfish).

Well, enough about the bad seeds, the bible didn’t say ‘let this mind be in you which was also in the devil’. Let’s take out the tares (weeds) in our garden with their roots and seeds, and sow new seeds with ‘plant food’ (John 6:55).

Now let’s WALK, STAND and SIT in the Spirit! (Gal 5:16, Eph 6:14, Eph 2:6)

The Lord was manifested (1 John 3:8) to destroy the works (giving increase to ‘his’ seeds) of the devil and take away (1 John 3:5) our bad seeds and plant His seed in us (1 John 3:9,10) water them with word from the sowers (laborers), and give the increase by His Spirit (1 Cor 3:6). The manifestations of His seed are shown in 1 Cor 12:7-10 including miracles, prophecy and discernment.

Don’t be guilty of expecting the same life you did in the past! With living water and Son, your tree should grow on a daily basis. God wants you to do more, so He’ll give you more than what you expect, more than what we can ask or think. (know what to ask, the more you know, the more the Spirit can do through you).

You can only guide someone up to a spiritual level that you are at. If you are a seed sower, God will fill your ‘sac’ with an abundance of seeds. When superior seeds are carefully (prayerfully) planted and watered; it will create a greater hunger for the word in someone else. When you eat a meal that is so good, you have to share the news with someone else. The meal maker (husbandman) makes sure that He harvests in the same place, knowing you have good soil.

The seeds of God are infinite. From an eternal point of view (1 Cor 3:21) all things are ours anyway. This allows us to take seeds of blessing from heaven to earth (Luke 11:2,Matt 16:19). God will give the increase (1 Cor 3:6) and multiply our visions (Hosea 12:10). God gave us His life to fulfill His destiny, Let us fill our destiny in Him and walk in the pathway that we are created for (not another’s or our own pathway). Let all your words be wings instead of chains. Let’s enjoy
ever-increasing faith that doesn’t consider circumstances, but every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.