Lesson #222 The Knowledge of the Kingdom

God created a paradise called the garden of Eden (Eze 28:13). This is the place where Lucifer lived and had an assignment to protect. He became very popular to others who were not as talented and beautiful as He was. With his wisdom, he was buying and selling with the riches in the garden, becoming greedy with his violent acts (Eze 28:16). He had musical instruments built within him that made his voice beautiful with the singing still mentioned in these last days (Job 38:7). He was famous with a following that would be the envy of many facebook recruiters. His ambition to get followers away from God was the same in the garden (Gen 3:1).

The devil and his followers had placed the stain of sin in heaven, to be cleansed at a later time with the blood of Jesus (Heb 9:12) on his first ascension (John 20:17). Soon, his place was not found anymore in heaven (Rev 12:7). Jesus saw him fall like lightning (Luke 10:18), and the impact of the angels breaking away resulted in God having to create darkness; a place that separated the rebellious from the angels of light (Is 45:7). God divided the Light from night, before there was a night we could see (Gen 1:2), the result of this darkness is seen evident in the farthest reaches in the universe, further than any Hubble scope could ever reach.

Before there was a was, as an angel, you could choose to be away from God, turn to sin and be your own lord (Jude 1:6). With the next creation (Gen 1:26), he made man a little lower than angels, crowning them with glory, honor and dominion (Heb 2:8). He gave them a choice to turn away from sin and accept Him as Lord and become born into a new Kingdom with a name written in heaven (Luke 10:20, John 3:3, Rom 10:9). This also placed man with the honor of freely approaching His throne (Heb 4:16) and judge angels in the future (1 Cor 3:21-4:1, 6:3, Rev 20:12), with the full manifestation of the children of God that all creation is waiting for (Rom 8:29). The temporal earth that was stained with sin, and the dark heaven with it, at the end of time; they will fly away from God’s presence (Rev 20:11), and a new earth and heaven will be made (Rev 21:1). You have to decide what to do with God before God decides what to do with you.

Even after Adam had brought death and separation (Rom 5:18), there still stood opportunity to rule and reign (1 Kings 17:1), which Jesus also reminded us of (Luke 10:19, 20, 1 Pet 2:9, Rev 1:6), and gave us an escape for every temptation (1 Cor 10:13). Even as there is so much rejoicing in heaven when He someone chooses Jesus as Lord (Luke 15:7), there is much help when we give out commands inspired by the Holy Spirit (Ps 91:11, 103:20) who are on God’s side.  When we see someone who is not experiencing the fullness of the Kingdom, our
compassion mixed with faith delivers enemy captives (Mark 16:17, 18, Heb 4:2). The enemy knows you have this authority. God is not an accomplice for anything the enemy does, although He does see their attacks and the failure we have had at times, to get victory over them (1 John 5:4).

When you can take God’s word for it, you will overcome all things for yourself and others (1 Tim 4:16). This treasure, this great pearl, this word is for us to hide in our heart with the shield of faith (Ps 119:11). This Knowledge of the Kingdom lets us know our authority and dominion available, and will grow like the tiniest
mustard seed to give shade and healing for the nations (Mark 4:30-32, Rev 22:2).