Lesson #148 Lazy Days

The slothful spirit is the champion of “Get something for nothing” attitude. Originating at the time when Lucifer wanted more than what was given to him, He put his eyes on having it all (Is 14:13), regardless on who was effected. This initial selfish act prevented him from sharing the universe in harmony with all (Is 14:15). The black and white of it all is that the two kinds of people in the world; are those who want to give a hand and those who have their hand out at every opportunity (Ps 37:25).

The bad seed of laziness produces hunger and poverty, even in the midst of riches (Prov 20:13) His mouth is full of excuses (Prov 22:13) and his desire for the handout kills him (Prov 21:25). The same seed will be a waster instead of handing out to those in need (Prov 18:9). Some will work just good enough to get by without lifting a finger more (Prov 19:15). Others will steal time or things from employers and will attempt to justify their deeds (Job 9:20). Ones who don’t have the boldness to rob, will be a thief and take money and possessions when they think no one is looking (John 10:10). Some will keep extra change from a cashier or develop belief in a lottery system, instead of relying on the Lord as provider (1 Tim 6:10,17). Whenever the borders of the mind finds these ways acceptable in the least, the ‘hedge” is broken for darkness to come in like a little white lie (Luke 16:10, 2 Cor 4:4).

The slothful spirit also champions the “The world owes me a favor” division. The seed planted here is to expect things out of life with little or no effort. Many children whose parents gave them things they were never able to have, didn’t give out good stewardship, and kids didn’t learn the value of a dollar (Prov 15:27, Eccl 7:7). When the level of expectancy is the fruit of the world instead of the
fruit of heaven, the trade off is temporal instead of eternal (Col 3:2). Our obedience blesses the works of our hands and all that we do (Deut 28:2, 30:9), disobedience brings poverty (Deut 27:26).

In the plan for the destruction of the world, these subtle attitude adjustments were designed to create divisions among people (Luke 11:17), and away from God’s plan of sharing all things in common (Acts 4:32). Now that these seeds have been planted and long embedded into the consciences and conversations into the church, these weeds, or cares of the world have produced unfruitful environments (Matt 13:22). In this environment, many are led to believe that God is sovereign and little or no effort by us is required. Demons, diseases and death run rampart when people are waiting for God to move instead of moving for God who told us to take care of these things and gave us all power to do it (Matt 16:19). We must awake to righteousness daily with a fresh anointing, shaking off any gravitational words of the enemy (1 Cor 15:34, 2 Cor 10:5, Ps 92:10). We must allow the Spirit of the Lord to come upon us to set captives free (Luke 4:18).

We cannot continue in slothfulness that grace may abound (Rom 6:1). We cannot keep going to church with our hand out just to bury the talent in the sand and not be a blessing (Matt 25:25). We must not continue add “Lazy Days” on our calendars of life (Col 4:5). We are here to represent the body of Christ outside of the church where the ‘work’ is, to add to the harvest of souls (Luke 11:32). Ask for boldness to overcome shyness. Ask for confidence to overcome fears. What if you
were in your house in heaven and had a party with everyone you led there and you were by yourself? The Holy Spirit is ready to back you up (John 14:26). Jesus wants you to make Him famous (Matt 10:32). The only thing that is better than being saved is taking someone with you (Dan 12:3). It is time to rise (Col 3:1).