Lesson #146 What in the world do you want?

A total rejection of what the world has to offer, brings the continuing presence of God and the miraculous activity of the Holy Spirit upon you. Who would not want to open the eyes of the blind, who would not want to bring the dead back to life? If God is no respecter of persons and tells us that all it takes is faith, what could ruin this good seed?

These are they:   (Matthew 13)
1) Those who walk in darkness and cannot comprehend
2) Those who are not rooted with the word to endure temporary circumstances
3) Those who care more about money and the things of this world

The environment that we exist in is focused on the self-edification. It begins with the temptation to have a superiority complex because of what we have or what we know. Since a friend of the world is an enemy of God, this is a hint to us that we need to cast away thoughts and imaginations that are not of loving, forgiving and sharing with all, including our enemies (because this is not a fight with flesh and blood, but negative spiritual influence). I call these thoughts “Go backs” The same term used at grocery stores when something is out of place.

A lot of music and television is also filled with “Go backs” that hinder us from meditating on love and the expectation of the power of God. Many have settled for miserable mediocrity due to interest in the world as if they could serve God and self. What do you profit if you gain the world and lose your soul?

If our desire is to see signs and wonders of the New testament of Christ, we need to start putting away our “Go backs” and filling our minds with who Jesus said we are and what Jesus said we can do. It is then, that we get closer to God in thought, words and activity.

What in the world could be so important to you that it could take you away from your availability to heal someone, encourage with good words,comfort in confidence or call someone out of darkness with the living Word of God?