Miracles and more Miracles!


Raised from the dead – Mahesh Chevda
Super Creative Miracle – Peter Pretorius
Alive Again – Reinhard Bonnke
Miracles in Richmond VIrginia-Christie Harfouche
Resurrections in Lakeland Florida 2008-Todd Bently
Miracles in Long Beach, California
Creative Eye Miracle – Andrew Womack
Miracles in Europe-Christie Harfouche
Nose Bleed Healed – Pastor Harrison
Enlarged Thyroid Healed – Dr. Robin Harfouche
Miracle Baby – Jeff Lowe
Recovery from Breast Cancer – Michele O’donnell
Divine Appointment – Evangelist Kioko
Raised from the dead – Andrew Womack
Scolioses healed – Dr. Robin Harfouche
Miracles in Osamis Phillippines – Margie Obregon
God can reverse the effects of even the worst injuries
God reformed a young boys legs – Chris and Robin Harfouche