Lesson #176 Five Fold Ministries  Apostles

Apostle: One being sent forth for a specific purpose or commissioned to accomplish a specific task or ministry (by God and not by man, church leaders or government) 1 Cor 12:27-28 A special commissioner (ambassador) of Christ. Divinely gifted with the nature and ability. Gift of faith and discerning of spirits. Individual counsel. A worker of miracles, varying gifts of the Spirit.

1st Century functions of Apostles
1. Taking the gospel to unreached areas (Rom 15:20)
2. Planting and establishing churches (1 Cor 3:10,11, Gal 1:6-10,3:13, Rev 2:15)
3. Appointing and training initial church leaders (Acts 14:21-23, Titus 1:5)
4. Dealing with specific problems, false doctrines or sins (1 Cor 1:1-16:24, Acts 15)
5. Promoting unity in the body of Christ, networking churches (Eph 4:1-6, Acts 11:27-30, Rom 15:25-27, 1Cor 16:1-4, 2Cor 8:9)
6. Demonstrating and imparting the supernatural dimension of the kingdom of God (2Cor 12:12, Acts 4:33,8:4-20, 10:44,19:16, 2 Tim 1:6-7)

The originals Andrew, Bartholomew, James (son of Alpheous), James (son of Zebedee), John, Judas, Mattew, Peter, Phillip, Simon, Thaddeus & Thomas
The expanded circle of Apostles; Mattias, Barnabas, Paul, James (half brother of Jesus), Silas, Apollos, Andronicus, Epaphroditus, Junias, Timothy and a couple of unnamed apostles (2 Cor 8:18,22)

Importance of a new ministry started by Jesus:
(How many times are these names mentioned in the new testament {KJV}
Apostle 83x
Prophet 31x (total of 127x, but over 75% refer to OT)
Teacher 13x
Evangelist 3x
Pastor 1x