Lesson #131 The Flesh Part One

What is the Flesh?

Some of us our tired of living beneath the promises of God and are now doing something about it. Sure some of us want to be like Jabez and ask God to increase our territory, but first we must take care of that piece of ‘Real Estate’ called the mind. If you’re not experiencing the fullness of your inheritance, than it is because of your enemy your flesh.

The Flesh (Greek sarx) is a spiritual mindset that opposes the Word of God or simply ‘an ungodly way of thinking‘.

John 6:63 tells us “The flesh profits nothing” and Rom 8:8 “they that are in the flesh cannot please God”

People don’t walk in the flesh because they have to, most people walk in the flesh, because they think it will accomplish or profit them something. Walking in the Spirit means walking (actively believing) in the Word of God (Gal 5:16,17).

The members:
Our Spirit; is the part of our being that is conscience of what is above us (set your affections on things above.. Col 3:2)
Our Soul;  is the part of our being that is conscience of what’s around us
Our Flesh; is the part of our being that is conscience of what is wrong with us or in us or wrong with someone else. It is ruled by emotions and like a jellyfish: It has no backbone (good consciousness), follows whatever the current does (emotions) and it’s only defense is it’s sting (hurting others)

We are to crucify the flesh (don’t battle with it) and take up our cross daily (in case it wants to resurrect). Being in the flesh is not an action, it is a way of thinking. Being in the flesh ’causes’ you to sin or fall & leads to corrupt decisions which is the source of failure. The flesh stays alive through a system of thought, fed by a thought pattern to keep it alive. So we crucify it, by taking every
thought captive (2 Cor 10:5), making sure it checks in with God’s righteousness first! (Rom 8:4,5).

The flesh produces lustful things, the manifestations are evident in Gal 5:19-21 that a wrong way of thinking produce.

The flesh will say; ‘ that sin is going to ruin me’ ‘ God doesn’t like me right now’ ‘I don’t know if i can overcome this sickness’ ‘If I just pray or fast enough I can get what I need’ ‘ I don’t know if i can make it’ ‘I’m afraid’ ‘I can’t believe that’ (it only believes itself or what it can see) ‘I believe one day I’ll be healed’ (no God says now!)

Fear/worry/doubt/depression/weakness/sickness comes from listening to your flesh. That’s why you have to renew your mind! (Rom 12:2). We cannot change ourselves by dealing with our behavior, we can only change by dealing with the way we think. We must not let our thought life be an access for satan.

Walk in love and put God’s Word 1st (& only). Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Your flesh wants you to judge (or compare!) others or even judge yourself. Don’t let your heart (flesh)condemn you (1 John 3:20,21). To doubt (from dou/double or two) means to have a 2nd opinion in you. Believe only… Enjoy more of God’s blessings.