Lesson #135 The Flesh (Part 5)

Applied spirituality

Conscience is the VOICE of the spirit (your spirit always listens to the Spirit of God)
Feeling is the VOICE of the body
Reason is the VOICE of the mind the mind is tuned to experience and tries to quench your spirit (with the worlds’ reality)

Your emotions are feelings on the inside guided by pain or pleasure, to get you to move in a certain direction: (don’t fall in love with them)

1) schizophrenic
2) they don’t take into considerations the consequences of their actions
3) are not faithful ( I love my wife/I hate my wife)
4) are untrustworthy and will cause you to make bad decisions

tying yourself to APPROVAL will get you in trouble (Cloz etc.) comaprisons
The natrual need for self-preservation (cannot save you permanently)

hope does not consider circumstances, but makes a way out of no way!
Faith reveals & doubt pushes away.

Whatever you have faith in is yours (good or bad)
You must give it spiritual information to fight with, for your soul to intercede.
(You are what you eat)
(Yes smoking stunts your spiritual growth)