Lesson #153 El Roi

                                                   The God that sees
(Gen 16:13)

What does God notice? What does He see?

He has made the first step of the Covenant promise (John 3:16/Rom 5:8)

God Has had His eyes on you even before you were born (Jer 1:5). You can talk to Him Because He takes you seriously. There should be no fear that you will be ignored. He listens with strong intent and great caring (1 Pet 5:7).

He sees your giving (Acts 10:4). He sees your compassion (Matt 25:36).
He sees your faith (John 1:12/Heb 11:6).

There may be a delay in answered prayer because of the enemy’s futile efforts to stop the promises of God (Dan 10:13), but your prayer always go up as precious incense from His children (Rev 8:4).  His promises are always yes (2 Cor 1:21). He cannot deny being faithful (2 Tim 2:13). His character is to give you more grace
and mercy than you deserve (1 Sam 15:29).

Whatever you have asked God for that He has promised, stand confident (Heb 10:35). Be unmovable (1 Cor 15:58). God is closer that around the corner, He lives within you (Col 1:27). Meditate on these things that are true (Phil 4:8).

                                          God loves. God knows. God sees. El Roi.