Lesson #169 God remembers the Heroes

Millions of true soldiers are being recruited in God’s army every day. In 1506, about 98% of the ‘churches’ in the world were controlled by all or part of satan’s agenda. In 2006, that number as gone down to less then 70%. Many are still overly concerned with money or popularity than souls. The Christian soldiers today are taking direct orders and getting their wages and benefits with
‘back pay’.

As surely there are wages of sin, there are wages of righteousness. God remembers your thoughts Rev 20:12, Mal 4:16), prayers (Rev 8:4), works (Matt 6:28,29, 16:27, Rev 14;13), giving (Ps 20:3, Acts 10:31), sacrifices (Rom 12:1, Matt 19:29), receiving His people {‘little ones’, righteous ones, prophets} (Matt 10:40,42). He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him (Heb 11:6, Rev 11:18, Dan 12:3).

And even as some sins (1 Tim 5:24,25) are open before judgment, Rewards for good works can be manifest in this life. In David’s 19th Psalm he says The Lord rewarded him because of his righteousness and keeping the way of the Lord (v20-23). We see his reward was salvation, the lighting up of his darkness, making his way perfect with deliverance and the revenge on his enemies
(v27,28,32,35,47,48). When you treat your enemies with love, and fire of the holy Spirit, the rewards are great (Prov 25:21,22, Matt 5:46).

The average righteous person, even a sinner whom the holy Spirit convicts is connected to God’s grace. The Holy obedient person is well connected to God’s favor. Favor is not fair, but God gives seeds to the sower and more ‘talents’ to the multiplier of ‘talents’. If you are a giver in financial areas where the body of Christ has needs, You will see increase in your life in that area (Prov 3:11). The
world wants to take your money and use it to promote lusts. God wants to give you money to advertise for His kingdom (Ps 67:1,2).

Our bodies are the temple of God. The temples have been given more than enough authority to replenish what the enemy has taken away. We have a living Resident power abiding in us to heal, give life and rebuke satan. The Word tells us what we have. The devil tells us what we don’t have. But the Spirit tells us we have more than what we have (Eph. 3:20). We are here to make a difference. Our plight is a spiritual battle. With so many suffering with various diseases, poverty and ignorance from the hands of an enemy that is already defeated, it is time to resist the ‘gates of hell’ or words of discouragement, distraction and fear and be the Hero that God has called you to be.