Lesson #168 Lot and Abraham

For the real eyes to realize

Will I be Holy or righteous? Will I be set-apart, rich in spirit or maybe middle class? Am I the seed of Holy Abraham or righteous Lot? Am I blessed enough for myself or am I blessed enough for others to receive?

In Gen 13:10, given a choice; righteous Lot chose a place that looked good and was ‘hapnin’. He ended up being rescued twice (Gen 14:16,19:16). His seed inherited a land that God destroyed giants (the Zamzummims) before then so they could posses it. The Israelites were told not to bother them (Deut 2:19). But, the Ammonites were not allowed  into the congregation of the Lord to their
10th generation (Deut 23:2). Eventually, a daughter in later generations would marry Solomon (1 Kings 11:1,14:21), producing a son (Rehoboam) who inherited the kingdom and tore it apart (1 Kings 12:11-19). Later the Ammonites who backslid and trusted in their temporary, earthly riches had their cities ruined and were tooken captive (Jer 49:1-6). And because they laughed and danced when Israel was taken captive, God caused them to perish (Eze 25:1-7).

Lot lost his riches and his people (herdsmen) from being around sinners. The city would have never fell if Lot was set-apart (holy) to do mighty works there (Matt 11:23). God gave him a great blessed his seed, but the blessing was for a relatively short time (Hosea 4:6,17). The back-sliden seed became unfruitful and was cast into the fire (John 15:6).

Abraham’s seed was blessed eternally. His seed endured time. In Gen 13:12. Abraham took what was leftovers from Lot’s choice and made it a ‘hapnin’ place. When you have the holy anointing of God you don’t have to go where things are going on, but where you go you make things happen. The blessings follow you. Goodness and mercy stick close. Great signs will follow them that believe. The only limit is an eternal God who gives nothing but prosperity (Luke 11:11-13). There are no limits on earth according to His riches and glory. God never runs out of supplies for His children. Global economy does not effect spiritual economy. The seed of Abraham was not only blessed spiritually (as the stars in the sky) but physically (the sand of the sea). Your connection with God makes your soul and spirit prosper because God delights in the prosperity of his ‘Abrahamic’ people (Ps 35:27) who choose to be led by God in all things to enter into the richness of faith, knowledge and wisdom.and not themselves.

Don’t look for it from being around sinners. Don’t look for it if you’re putting down others in the body of Christ. Don’t look for it if you’re a soldier for God on Sundays and AWOL the rest of the week. Don’t look at what others have, but look at what God has. Reach beyond the sky into heaven and receive an unlimited blessing.

The kind of blessing that can move mountains, heal the sick from miles away, interupt funerals by restoring life, having demons running from you and telling the other spirits ‘dont mess with that one’,
‘run if you see that one’, ‘and dont get in a conversation with that one or they’ll start attacking the rest of us for picking the wrong fight’
Are you ready..

He that is righteous, let him be righteous still:
and he that is holy, let him be holy still (Rev 22:11)