Lesson #201Dominion

You are the walking revelation of Jesus Christ. He has commanded you to represent heaven on earth. You are called to walk in a realm that most people can only aspire to. A realm where divine rule takes preeminence and great exploits are performed. His Word must be so real to you that you can immediately detect and reject a word that does not come from God. This is the good fight of faith. When you allow the Word of God into you, the power of the Word will come upon you. There is a place in God where the power of the living Word will be so strong in you, that the things of the natural will move to accommodate the outward  manifestation of God’s glory.

You know the Word of God is written to the believer, so you must decide that you are the one who believes it over every other report. Refuse to be moved by what you see or feel. Once you know the will of God, nobody can talk you out of it. The devil can’t take advantage of someone who does knows how to contend for the integrity of the Word of God 24/7. The place of your jurisdiction is where your authority is implemented. It is the place where you exercise your rights you’ve been given. If a person is faithful in the area that they have been given, God will promote them and increase their level of responsibility (Luke 16:10).

We have rightfully been given authority, but we can choose whether to use  this or not. We have liberty to exercise His dominion, and the privilege to enforce His word, operating in full capacity. The purpose of this authority is to make all the resources of God and His will accessible to the believer. Dunamis is not far off our reach for the elite, we are the elite. Dunamis is what brings results to the battlefield. There is no limit to our jurisdiction. It reaches beyond the highest stars and below the deepest sea. Tumors have to dissolve when we speak to them. Diseases have to stop when we give the Word. The level of power in your life is directly proportional to how you talk, what you think about, who you spend your time with, and how you spend your days.

We should exercise the faith we have, not the faith we don’t. Many situations we walk into require an immediate anointing. If we have to wait until we need power to pray, then it is already to late. We can’t have a ‘whatever will be, will be’ attitude, but we must act on our authority and harness it. Nor can we have a ‘God knows my address’ way of thought. Whenever you hear the Word of God it is your decision whether you response to that Word.

If an unsaved centurion can have great faith, how much more can we? It is not what we believe that helps you, it’s what you do with what you know. The moment you see a promise in the Word, you should immediately believe it. When you do, everyone will see you do. Your faith will speak and tell on you. Especially when the storm comes. You should not have all the power of God you need and never turn on the “switch”. Faith comes by hearing, but works come by doing.

When the Word of God touches your life, it physically heals you. Fear, disappointment and hurt leave you. Believe Him only and no other reports. When you are convinced of the reality of God, you will dismiss lying symptoms, situations and imaginations. You will enforce your rule with the power of His name. Just as Jesus could touch a hand to make fevers leave (Matt 8:15), the Word
is not bound for you to correct any situation and eject any adversary in your way. When you know you are sent by God, you know you have the authority over death, hell and the grave. All resources of heaven are available to you. The saints that speak His report will see heaven validate their words. Those who are well trained in the Word will win every battle.

You are a danger to the devil when you know the will of God and that you’re in His perfect will. You know who you are and what you are called to do. You are fearless and authoritative. You are not in the process of trying things, but you know things. You have the Spirit to give you the ‘how to’. You don’t come boldly to the throne and beg, or wonder around, you know the blood gave you the right not to just hope for the best, but expect it. The devil doesn’t devour you, he flees from you. Don’t settle for anything less than His divine will. Pursue what belongs to you!

You must have faith to understand the Word of God. You cannot put it ‘on a shelf’ with stories from the 5:00 news. The same Word that guarantees forgiveness of sins is the same Word that guarantees healing from sickness and disease. We are not healed or blessed when we receive, but healed and blessed when we believe. We are not saved when we ‘get there’, but saved when we believe.

All who serve sin are slaves to sin. Those whose serve compromise are slaves to compromise. If you are taught that you are a sinner, you will live like a sinner. Eventually out of ignorance or selfish intentions, some will get to a place where they accuse what is holy, like the Pharisees, and start to handle to Word deceitfully. If that pattern goes unchecked, sin will fully conceive and that person will move on to discredit God and His work. Demonic spirits will continue to work in the children of disobedience.

The Word of God, or ‘seed’ in our life must be have the spiritual nutrients to produce a harvest. It must be in a good climate with plenty of illumination so that His victory is our victory. It must be on good ground to bear the fruit for the nations. The Seed must continue in the Word by continued hearing.

Prayer enables or reminds the believer to see what is already available. Not the long labored ‘begging God to do something’ prayers, but a life of prayer and peace. As prayer positions and revives us, it also tunes us into the throneroom of God. When you go that place that surpasses knowledge, the knowledge becomes experience. It’s a place where revelation not only generates expectation, but obtains the experience of the promise with performance. It is then when we see the fruits of what we are called to do, and people will know of a truth, that we are proof providers of a risen and living Savior.