Scolioses Healed – Pastor Robin Harfouche Guam

May 22 2010 Amira

“Brianna receives her miracle”

So many wonderful moments so far in this world tour… but this one … this
amazing moment.. has to be shared in detail.

Brianna and her mother came up to the front with the many people that received
salvation tonight. After these wonderful people prayed and accepted the miracle of salvation, Ps. Robin told them that she wanted to lay hands on each of them. She focused in on a young girl, whom I would guess to be between the ages of 8 and 10.

She said, “Tonight when I lay hands on you, you will be healed!” As the young girl’
s mother burst into tears, Ps. Robin continued to look into this young girl’s eyes…
and Brianna looked back. Her eyes were slightly glazed over and the medical
mask that she wore over her nose and mouth represented a handicap that
seemed so out of place for a person of her age. It seemed to me that the room
became empty… and all that stood there was Ps. Robin, Brianna, and her parents.
I can’t recall how much time passed as Ps. Robin ministered to Brianna– time didn’t seem to matter anymore. No one seemed to care whether this miracle would have taken all night! I believe they all would have stayed to believe with Brianna and her family for complete restoration.

Then… you could see it… as perfect clarity came to her eyes.

Brianna had come tonight with Scoliosis and a lung infection. After being
ministered to, her back became totally and completely straight and by the end of
the meeting I heard reports that she was jumping around and playing…

Her mother testified and could not stop saying “Thank you, Thank you”

Jesus is a miracle worker… and He is STILL using His people to do miracles today!