Miracles in Osamis – Margie Obregon

Hello my Brother & Sister! “OMG”, it was the most exciting, humbling and
supernatural missions trip I’ve ever been on.

Day one of crusade a paralyzed woman from the waist down crawled to call
a team member inviting her to the healing crusade.
She didn’t want to wait to meet later but requested they pray for her right
then and God met her request by healing her! Yes, she got up and started
to walk! This was the first day of our crusade with yet more miracles to
come. There were hundreds of people in every crusade for salvation and
healing. Over 2,365 salvations recorded! Hallelujah!

Day two: older man was healed from deafness, which the husband and wife
cried praising the Lord for restoring his hearing which was he lost his
hearing years ago.

Day three: one of the girls prayed for the thyroid and this hugh goiter which
was gone after they got praying that even shocked our song leader

So many more healings from diabetes, weakness, back pain, fever instantly
gone in the name of Jesus! People would come up to the mic to testify what
had just happened to them by healing! Again, “OUR GOD IS AMAZING!”

I haven’t seen such miracles happen in one missions trip ever! The people
were not hungry but starving for the word and healings.

The hand of God moved in every session, every crusade during each day.
There were four crusades a day as we had four teams with reports of
miracles! Our God is so awesome!

I’ve never met such loving people in my life, to receive us into there little
bamboo huts to pray for them. They may not have much but there hearts
are so beautiful in receiving the word and us. I love the Philippines!
However, there was typhoid fever, diabetes, huge goiters, malnutrition and
tape worms in every village.

I didn’t seen any medical clinics any place except Osamis City, which is
where we stayed. Even in Osamis there was only one dental office and two
medical clinics that looked like someone’s house. So, sad as there is much
need but not enough resource, finances or transportation for my brothers
and sister in the Philippines. We will need to pray for our Philippine family
Many Thanks for all your pray support!
Yes, I want to go back next year~