The Red Flag by Jeff Lowe

 The opposing team has just been signaled for a touchdown on a very close call. The home team is disappointed because time has run out after this last play of the game. You tell the coach that from where you stood, the touchdown was no good. Others teammates agree with you. The coach had no choice but to use his power to toss out his “red flag”. This “dyed in red” flag gives him the ability to have the referees to call a timeout and review the play.

 After further review, the officials look at the “replay” and determine that the one who looked like he scored a touchdown; actually had a foot “out of bounds” a long time before entering the “end-zone” negating the long “fourth down” play. The home team celebrates loudly in victory.

There could be circumstances in your life that “looks like” the opposition has succeeded. It “appears” that it’s all over but the crying. But you tell the Coach; ‘the circumstance is unacceptable according to the Word’. Others agree with you in prayer. So He uses His power and throws out His “Red Flag” the Word of God, with a robe dipped in blood, This “died in red” cloth has the ability to overturn unfavorable circumstances, make time stand still and correctly
judge and foul play.

 At the review, the opposition is found to have no right for the victory. Everything the enemy has gained is paid back. After times passes, you realize all along it was determined for you to win, since God is your Trainer, Coach and Referee… and the game is fixed!

You can celebrate ahead of time because faith is the assurance of the outcome in advance!