Greek Idioms   In English, we may say “Some has just kicked the bucket” but in another language this would not translate well.
Look at this list of idioms when doing a word study on certain passages
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Aramaic Idioms The language of Jesus and His disciples that spoke in Aramaic had some idioms of their own. Find out what phrases such as “Let me first go bury my father” means.
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A forum to submit stories and poetry to be a blessing to others.
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Did you know that failure to issue 1099s to paid musicians or other service providers can result in fines as high as $10,000? That paying
a guest minister cash from the offering is considered a criminal offense?
statsStatistics How many Christians are there in other countries?  How much money is in our churches? How many people are un-churched? Find out these things and more in the statistics section

 Testimonies of creative miracles and people being raised from the dead.
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Map showing the countries of the World with international borders, the national capitals, and major cities.   More Ministries Ministries available on the information spiritual highway

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