Spiritual Abuse Chaplain Kelley Crooks


Control is the name of THIS game.

Pointing to Jesus Christ, using HIS Name!
Showing Friendly Eyes; Big Smiles.

Doing whatever it takes
To force the Flock; to do a “re-make”
Of their Free Gift of Liberty
Designed to set the Captives FREE!

Manipulation and Pride:
Take God’s Kids for THAT Ride!

Caution: Know what God Hates.
These “Leaders” ignore the High Stakes;
They lead God’s Sheep to slaughter,
Using up His sons and daughters.

But our Heavenly Father tells my Heart:
“Leave them to Me!”
THEY work the Negative Plan;
THEY are not Free.
They fall under The Ban.
They are not Mine!
Follow Me; Relax, be in Peace…
Everything will be FINE!