Lesson #147 The Five Worlds

 The Five Worlds  

When you have perfect peace, joy, patience, and contentment, these all exist in the ‘now’. To lose these Comforts is to travel to a different world, led by an enemy to join his company of misery. These are the worlds.

The world of “was”

The enemy uses this world for condemnation to rule the lives of people. If there was any sin in your past, you can expect the accusations from him if he can make you think you are guilty. Even when he tempts you, which temptation itself is not sin, he wants you to believe that these are your thoughts. The accuser of the bretheren (and sisteren) will direct you here as often as possible to keep you from thinking about life from an eternal perspective. If he can successfully have someone making their residence in the past, consistent self-condemnation can come from feeling guilty and believing you can never be free of judgement and will not consider the love, forgiveness or intimacy with God. His biggest victory is for saved people to claim they are sinners and tell others this is
normal for christians. Condemnation is a haunted house that tells you everything is your fault and it’s normal.(Rev 12:10)

The world of “could”

The enemy uses this world after successful imprisonment in the world of “was”. If an ear is given to condemnation, he will increase the life sentencing to the expectancy of failure. Because the mind always meditates on something, the goal is to distance a person from God, by inputting ideas of problems, bad situations, death of any kind, or worst-case scenarios to bait people to a pessimistic way of meditating on a dark future. In this world of fear (lies based on a non-existent future) manifestations are worry, anxiety, manic-depression and paranoia to name a few, to hold a person in bondage for life. This “could be” world or “could happen” world is always opposite of what God has promised. Depression from mild to suicidal, is his biggest victory. (James 4:7)

The world of “should”

In this false realm of fantasy, the distraction will magnify the so-called importance of self in this “what about me?” world. The satanic suggestions to cause you to believe that things should always go your way, people should always drive correctly, fast food people should always get your order right, people should take care of you, you are entitled to have what you want when you want it, without expending any effort etc, are immediately amplified to move you to anger with the fiery darts (or repeated suggestions) of the enemy. Many children live here until they are brought into reality with good examples of truth. When parents give into tantrums or spoil their children by giving them too much control, they accept this fantasy world and are subject to an unfulfilled, demanding, emotional lifestyle. Some turn into adults with anger addictions using fear to establish control. Most of the people that are in prison have a long residence in this world. His biggest victory here is to have church people proclaim “satan is busy”. (2 cor 2:11)

The world of “dependency”

In this world people will depend on others, including God, in order to put responsibility on someone else. Some children of God will never grow to be sons and feed on milk rather than the meat of the word. The enemy cowers at leading soldiers that keep on the armour of God, but if he can keep you in a comfort zone without growth, he can use you to stunt the growth of others. These people usually gather in cliques, packs or social clubs disguised as churches. If the enemy can make you think “God is in control of everything”, and “everything will be alright”  no matter what effort you put forth, this reduces intercession and evangelism of others being saved, healed and taught by example and knowledge. The enemy’s victory here is to make dependents instead of disciples, and using leaders to feel comfortable with this by making them proud of their titles and position. But Jesus is sitting in heavenly places waiting for you to be moved by the Holy Spirit and the power he gave you. (Col 1:26)

The world of “Is”

The world of “Is” is the world of truth. Your reality that is not compromised with the hindrance of ungodly spirits gives you acceptance of life. With your empowerment from the Word, who paid the price in blood to give you all power in earth to make changes in the earth to line up with the will of God as it is in heaven.   With God, 

a world of “was” becomes “God has brought me out” 

a world of “will be” becomes “All the promises of God fulfilled for me” 

a world of “should” becomes “I should and will be thankful” “Truth is better and greater than fantasy” 

a world of “dependency” becomes “God is dependent on me to do what He told me” 

Faith is the substance or evidence of things unseen that have power and dominion over all things.The truth is God’s word. The Word of God is Jesus, who is the way, the truth and the life.The truth is the way things really are. Unlike the other temporary worlds, this one is permanent. A world of only eternal love. You are most welcome to eternal life of God in a born again spirit
that can abide in us now, for this life giving everlasting joy, peace, comfort and contentment. (Jer 29:11/Is 51:11)

Lesson #147