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At International Miracle Institute, Dr. Christian and Dr. Robin Harfouche are committed to training and equipping people of excellence to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ with signs, wonders and miracles following. By the Word and the Spirit and through prophetic teaching and impartation, students learn to walk in the power and authority of Jesus Christ to carry revival wherever they go.

In 2016, International Miracles I has over 300,000 students. Above: Students have received their doctorate degrees.


What distinguishes Cottonwood Leadership College (CLC) from other Bible schools? There are many great Bible schools to choose from.  CLC strives to help our students become successful at what God has called
them to do. The internal life of our students is as important as the external. We endeavor to emphasize attitude, character and  integrity, not just gifting and knowledge.  Many of our classes offer hands-on practical experience which provides students the opportunity to learn through practice.

What sort of background do the instructors have? CLC instructors and guest ministers include pastors, teachers, and ministers of the Gospel worldwide. They have varying degrees in academics and ministry.  Each is qualified in their area of spiritual gifting, have proven faithfulness and ministry experience. They have been selected because they demonstrate that fulfill the requirements as defined in I Timothy 3:27; they are faithful, have a heart to serve, are apt to teach.

What advice would you offer to those who are not sure if they should attend a four year University or Bible School?
We recommend that you consider what you truly desire and feel called to do.  Ask yourself, will a four year university or a Bible school equip me to fulfill my vision?

Forest Trail Academy offers high school that provides
sufficient information to accommodate those who wish to
orient their studies toward a  academic career

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