Children Stories? by Jeff Lowe

There are many stories that we learned as children. There were some innocent sounding but had horrific endings like Jack and Jill (Jack had a broken head) Rock-a-bye baby (a baby falling from a tree) ‘Ring around the rosies’ (said to come from the Bubonic plague), but there are other stories that reminded me of the spiritual battles that appear along our way.

One such story is Jack and the bean stalk, about a boy who goes to the sky to a giant’s house looking to seek a better lifestyle.  In Gen 6:4 tells us about mischievous angels that left their first place in heaven (Jude 6) and made a race of giants (Nephilim) before and after the flood. Having great size and intelligence, they influenced men to rebel against God as they did themselves and were caught up in a flood. After the flood, the unclean spirits walked around in dry places attempting to oppress or possess people who allowed them to (Luke 11:24, 1 Peter 5:8). Some people have unknowingly entertained angels (good or bad) and many try to contact these spirits to their own demise (Deut 18:10-12, Is 47:8-15).  They can take on human form to influence those of us on the earth (Heb 13:2, Gen 19:5). They want to have the kind of influence and worship from men like the giants of the earth had back then. They try to appeal to the desires of your flesh, but mostly theirs (1 John 2:16, James 1:14,
Rev 12:12). They will try to convince you to compromise your time. We don’t have to climb a physical beanstalk to reach them, but things like horoscopes, séances, drugs, and yoga are a few of many ways to enter their gates. Idol worship of superstars, statues or even preachers opens up ‘spiritual beanstalks’ to the supernatural world (1 John 4:1). Jesus told us to cast out these demons (Matt 10:8, Eph 6:12).

Another familiar story is the pied piper. This guy starts by playing a pipe to lead away rats, but eventually ends up leading the almost all the children away from their irresponsible parents. When Lucifer was in heaven (Eze. 28:14-19), He was clothed in jewels (bling) with built in pipes and sung with joy with the other angels until he decided he wanted to be better than God (Job 38:7, Is 14:12-15). He even wanted Jesus to bow down to him (Luke 4:7).  Although music was all sung for prayer, praises and worship to God in the bible, the world has had plans with its own influence.

In the modern era, much of satan’s occult influence from Aleister Crowley, Charles Mansion and now cult leader Marilyn Mansion. Aleister Crowley (whose book of law [777] inspired the Beatles [sgt peppers album,] and Michael Jackson [dangerous album] among others that have his picture on there) basic law was Do what thy wilt’.  John Todd tells how Zodiac Enterprises (Owned by Chase Manhattan, owned by Standard Oil, owned by the Lords of England, who say they take their orders directly from satan) bought up the major record companies in America. He said that they made rock (fornication) and roll music to cast spells on people that they could not
cast spells on (If you could get a Christian to repeat the lyrics they could cast the spell on themselves). Every time they made a master, they would get 13 hand-picked witches to place a curse on the record and call a demon or a principality to follow each copy. Everyone who signed a music contract had to be initiated to be a witch. Many songs were written with the
witch language (a 2000+ word jargon like the CB radio has it’s own  jargon) so that a song like Hotel California had a hidden meaning (it talks about the Night Winds or Helter Skelter) that was only known to those who knew the jargon. Elton John says all his songs were written by witches.

In the ‘hip-hop’ culture, who have their own certified religion and new testament of hip-hop (by KRS-One) emphasizes the same ‘do what thy wilt’ (or be your own god and do what you want). These artists regularly have many singing their ungodly tunes while unaware of what they are singing about. Even a lot of church music has been compromised by enablers (pastors and
leaders aware or unaware) of churches that want to embrace the music culture to attract members or money. A lot of gospel artists share company with the secular world to gain popularity and even ‘sample’ secular music and add different lyrics to them (Matt 6:24, Rom 12:2, 1 Cor 5:11). There are many who are led away with these modern day ‘pied pipers’.

  The story about Pinocchio tells about a boy made of wood that began to speak. He wanted to be good, but was tempted to run off with other boys who didn’t want to be schooled but wanted to play all day. Although he narrowly escaped, the other boys turned into donkeys and were led away to be sold to the circus.
  In this life; our bodies basically come from the dust of the earth and was formed by God. (Gen 3:19, Ecc 12:7, Jer 1:5).  We are tempted with entertainment to detain us from our destiny (James 1:1, 15, Hosea 4:6, Rom 12:2, Rev 18:4, 1 Thess 5:22). We are temped with the love of money, love of self or love of the world (1 Tim 6:10, Gal 2:20, 1 John 2:16). The enemy’s plan is
to lure you into his circus for his entertainment. Anything temporary has temporary consequences and only what you do for God will last (Matt 25:29, 2 Tim 4:8, Dan 12:3). Born once; die twice. Born twice, die once (John 3:3). When you make the choice to live in the Spirit, God has plans to take you away from bondage, rejoice with you and the angels, sing to you and give you everlasting joy. (Luke 15:10, Zeph 3:17, Is 51:11).

  Eventually, Jack used an axe to destroy the giant (Jer 51:20, Heb 4:12). Another boy who could not keep up with the pied piper lived to tell the story (Job 1:15). And Pinocchio turned into a living boy (John 15:16). I hope your story of life also has a happy ending (Rev 22:14).