Healthy Communication

A healthy relationship requires love and respect and makes each person feel wanted, needed and appreciated. Communication is the vitality of a marriage relationship. Researchers from the University of Illinois have found that effective communication is critical for building and maintaining strong couple relationships.

Communication includes more than words and grammar. It’s one of the most important things in marriage. Communication is a tool for knowing and emotionally connecting with one another. You can have an adequate, average, or staying together “just for the kids” marriage. However, you can have a world class marriage with healthy communication, depending on what tools you use and how much you use them.

Communication between intimate partners is more than word. It involves establishing an emotional connection. Since the ultimate goal is two people becoming one in purpose, you need to first set real expectations and set aside the fairy-tale fantasies like the ones seen in romance novels, and X rated movies that do not deal with everyday life situations. Good communication and problem solving skills are critical for relationship success. Healthy

relationships require much more than good communication and problem solving skills.When the honeymoon has worn off, (and it will), simple disagreements can quickly escalate to a crazy cycle. This is where couples are verbally beating each other to the point of voice raising and yelling. These issues may be very big or small. Learning how to listen well and communicate involves learning some basic communication skills. Exercising effective communication skills can help a couple navigate through difficult topics that may be hard to discuss. Researchers have found that couples talk with the intent to resolve conflict in the relationship. Talking about the big stuff and the little stuff is needed for a couple to thrive. Unfortunately, most couples do not know how to handle conflict and this can lead to a lot of yelling and crazy cycles with the ABC’s (accusations, blaming and criticizing). All couples will have verbal fighting from time to time. A key to success in marriage is to handle the conflict with care. It takes both sides to come to an agreement for there to be success. Learning to talk and really listen to each other is a big step to great communication that will lead to less conflict.