Lesson #162 The Lord IS my Shepherd    

Jesus talked the same words to many people at the same time, yet all heard according to what the Spirit revealed to them, or what their level of faith was. The word of God has always been the same. The power of God has always been available and is available now. Hidden only to those who believed in limitations, because that was all they knew or thought they should settle for.

Joshua and Caleb received the promised land spoken by the word of faith of what God said. When Abraham’s nephew Lot was taken, he went to battle against five kings and got back EVERY captive that the enemy stole. God blessed Abraham’s seed, whose seed we are..but much more so with the Holy Spirit leading the sons of God in spiritual battle! (Rom 8:14)

God is calling us now to pray and take out our enemies by the root. Even as Adino slew 800 Philistines at the same time with one spear (2 Sam 23:8,9) under David, a king anointed by God, we will chase a thousand, and put ten-thousand to flight (Deut.32:30) under the authority (exousia) of a King of kings and the power (dunamis) of a Lord of lords. Another under David, Eleazar went by himself and slew  the Philistines and the rest of the Israelites came back only for the spoil,
just as Jesus took the strong man (satan) and divided his spoils for us to gather. We’re here to take back EVERY captive the enemy has taken, and all that the enemy has taken away (Luke 11:21-23).

Stay prayed up. Now
To be ready for God is to be ready for change… for the best!
As we need to be ready to meet Him in the air, so should we be ready for Him to give us a living Word at any time to be equipped to lead others there and pour out the anointing of God on them. Positioning ourselves to receive at any time any hour any place…  Now is the time..  This is your time..  What have you been waiting for? Jesus is praying that your faith never fails! Pay close attention to the God of right now and be ready to respond

By Faith, The words of this letter you are reading, have the power to break off anything in your life that hinders the immediency of God working in your life right now…These words will speak power and confidence deep into your spirit and from this day foward, never again will you be tossed to and fro like the waves of the sea, but you’ll be like a strong tree.. you will remove barriers, remove the hinderances.. from now on you will never be the same again.

Taste the fresh bread of a new covenant and enter into a higher level of anointing with God’s Holy Spirit..It is now time to connect to a fountain of revelation and direction from the Mind of GOD. It is now time to take up permanent residence in the World of GOD…to have a mindset that has no
fear and no defeat.. only perfect peace..

A life without fear means;
No hesitation
No impossibilities
No not now
No it will happen later
No it’s not for you
No don’t take action,

A life without defeat means;
No devil, regardless of his demonic power or his strategic effort will not hinder you or claim any part of your life. No devil that will be able to rob you wealth, health or love that God has promised to you. If the devil ever tries to make another impression to us with the temporary illusion of circumstances, or false fears, in any situation we will always remind ourselves and say,
“The Spirit of God is working in me!”, We can remind him of what he already knows and tell him;
“The Power of God is working in me to get rid of you!”
We can boldly walk by faith in God’s Word and not by sight, feelings or emotions, but by God’s Will-power keeping our mind on Him. Perfect Peace is not only peace (nothing broken, nothing missing), but nothing will be broken or taken away from you. In perfect peace you’ll stay in tune with God’s timing of what to do and when. The World of GOD is your kingdom. There is no access for satan in the World of GOD. The blood of Jesus let you in but not him! You will go boldly to the throne of grace in heavenly places.Nothing will shake you. Nothing will hurt you. Nothing will move you  but  God. Since the devil is already defeated, you will move into faith action to retrieve anything he took from you. Failure is
leaving from your life.You will not look back at your past like Lot’s wife, but you will press toward the mark of the breakthrough of a higher calling in God.. for an anointing of revival and restoration promised to this generation before the world began. The acceleration of the seed of power will now be manifested in your life because of the great love God has for His church, His bride to be.
The work of the Spirit is now being manifested at an exponential rate that this world has never seen before..The spiritual tug-of-war is becoming easier with over 20 million new soldiers every year putting their hand to the plow, joining the battle and interceding for the body of Christ, The activity of the name of Jesus and wisdom of Holy Ghost leadership is in your life now to break off any
chains on you or your family, friends and circle of influence! God is with us and none will stand against us.. The King of Glory is equipping you for any fight or spiritual warfare in your city or country..People in this country will began to look at True Christains with a new respect.. The fight is fixed! If the devil wants a rematch, you will pick up the belt of Truth and whip him back to the pit
of hell and tell him one-word-at-a-time
The kingdom of GOD is here!! Rejoice because your name is written in heaven! Before we meet the Lord in the air the Angels will literally have to pull some of us off of conquering the outnumbered and outmatched enemy, leaving them left behind as they watch us mount up with wings and fly away..

Rejoice because your name is in the book of Life
God is enlarging your territory with
Blessings Power Wisdom Glory and Honor

Receive Him now
Receive Him now
Receive Him right now

Thank Him and give Him praise!! Shout if you want to!! Break down the Jericho walls in your life with a Hallelujah!!

To GOD be the GLORY!!!