Effective and Efficient Leadership Matthew Phillip


                     What do we mean by effective and efficient leadership?
A leadership that is effective and efficient is what we need today. Effective leadership is the one
that accomplishes or fulfills what is intended with maximum effect. It is a productive and capable
leadership. It is not a leadership that is made up of ineffectual persons of mediocre talents and
ability. It is a well organized leadership that consists of active and energetic leaders who press
forward accomplishing the goal that is ahead of them. Effective leadership produces the desired
result with the minimum wasted effort. Effective leadership is the one that anticipates and
creatively responds to its challenges. John C. Maxwell in his book, Leadership 101 What Every
Leader Needs to Know, says, “Effectiveness is the foundation of success.” The excellence of your
ministry depends upon how effective you are in it. If you want to have a successful church or
organization, you need to build effective and efficient leadership.

Why do we need effective leadership today?
The answer to a healthy life, growth and success in any local church or organization is an effective
and efficient leadership program that can discover and build up the potential of others and so
encourage leadership. Effectiveness is indispensable for leaders to continue at present and
advance to the future. Effectiveness requires that leaders make men and women responsible to
achieve the goal. For this, we must give to them tasks and provide motivation. Generally speaking,
leaders are successful when they inspire their followers to achieve their objectives. The basic task
of effective leadership is to develop relationships with people in such a way that they are facilitated
to formulate and achieve goals for groups and individuals that meet real needs. Competency in
leadership will fade away, consistency in Leadership will fall apart, credibility in leadership will
break up, confidence in our leadership will be traumatized, and the best leadership for the future
may be a shot in the dark.  It is there that one needs to plan and strive for an effective and efficient

Who can lead effectively?
Any ordinary person with an extraordinary determination can lead effectively. Everyone has the
potential to lead in some way or the other in the array of life and ministry. Effectiveness means to
identify those potentials in your congregation or team members or employees and train them to
develop their gifts and talents to achieve the desired goal. Jesus had the habit of always seeing the
potential for good in the people around him. Jesus saw the potential for good in Simon Peter (John
1:42). Jesus identified the potential in Simon when he said, “You are rock” before he understood
his own potential to give leadership to the Church. Jesus while knowing that Peter had the potential
to deny him three times, could also see the potential for this man’s boldness and standing on the
Day of Pentecost proclaiming the Gospel. There are good and bad potentials in others.  Effective
leaders will see the higher potential for good in people and help them to develop it. Jesus saw the
potential for good in Matthew the tax collector that was to write the first Gospel. (Matthew 9:9).
He also saw the potential for good in Samaritan woman that was her effective testimony to the
Samaritans (John 4). Once we identify the potential in people, we must provide them with
motivation and acceleration to achieve the tasks. An effective leader is a facilitator of his or her
followers. You must be a leader who can be trusted. Effective leadership is there if the employees
are satisfied in an institution with their trust and confidence in top leadership. You must be able to
communicate a vision of where the organization needs to go. Your team members must understand
the team’s overall strategy. They must know clearly how they can contribute to accomplishing the
vision. You must share with them on both how the institution is doing and how a team member’s
department is doing. Everyone is a leader and everyone is a follower. All of us are leaders and at
the same time we are being led by others and ultimately by God. You must know who you are, what
you know, and what you can do. It is the followers, and not the leader who determines if he or she
is effective. To be effective you have to convince your followers, not yourself or your superiors,
that you are worthy of being followed. Only an effective leadership can lead effectively. If you are
committed to your job and faithful in the responsibility given, you are an effective leader. If you
really care about it, you can lead effective!