Lesson #134 The Flesh Part 4

What’s in your garden?

Seeds are planted in you to automatically give you a fleshly way of thinking. In bondage, some have seeds from the spirit of fear that tells them God’s way is hard or unattainable and cannot benefit you without the help of the flesh. Brainstorming and analyzing (remember; analysis is paralysis) and thinking of your ‘own’ way to do things, working it out in your fleshly mind. The flesh promotes its own thoughts by self-elevating them over God’s word.You can tell what’s in their ‘garden’ by what you hear them say:

“I’m a sinner saved by grace” [spirit of hopelessness]
(the bible calls saved people saints: 330 times
unsaved people sinners: 240 times.
saved people sinners: 0 times)

or “I have to fast or ask more to get God to do what I want”  [spirit of unworthiness, legalistic and
humanistic spirit]

God says only believe. You can eat ‘chitlins’ in the Spirit (Mark 7:18/1Tim4:4) {thanking Him for
every bite} or eat a salad in your ‘flesh’ {thinking ‘I hate that person at work} We fast to be in the
Lords’ presence (Mark 5:33-35), not to have more of it.

or “I will sin until the day I die/I can’t live holy/nobody’s perfect” [spirit of bondage] to name a few.

In bondage, the devil wants you to advertise your defeat that Jesus can’t save you from habitual sin
(Heb 2:15). Even if one ‘felt’ that way from the sermons of the flesh, the weak should say “I’m
strong” and start confessing God’s words “_____________”instead of the devil’s (bible readers; fill
in the blanks here). Your flesh is not in control of what you think; you are.

Life is an open book test. God’s Word teaches us how to use our ‘diplomatic immunity’ we have
against the world system. Our choices are important because we are representatives of the kingdom
now. We have new members and ‘wannabees’ watching us for instruction and confidence building
(they are tired of ‘posers’). Each choice has a big domino effect on many others around us,
especially those things done in secret that compromises our anointing, confidence and makes us
cowards in prayer. Do you just read the bible or ‘think’ (meditate) the bible? Or better yet do you
live the bible?

When you read Matt 10:8 does your flesh say ‘it wont happen/that’s not me/I’m not anointed
enough’. When you read James 5:15,16 do you hear ‘I doubt it/maybe that’s not God’s will/my
righteousness is not good enough’ (It’s not our righteousness but God’s) or Matt 28:20 & think
‘someone else will tell them/they won’t hear me/I’ll just pray for them’. If so, begin to meditate on
who God says you are and what God says you can do.

Keep in mind this principal with the two greek words for ‘word’, logos (what God has said ex John
1:1) and rhema (what God is saying now ex. Rom 10:17). Your flesh gives you an ungodly logos
(habitual way of thinking), a demon will give you an ungodly rhema (active word). If satan already
has you in his spiritual mindset (flesh) he doesn’t have to actively use you (ex.one church had come
together to pray for rain after a long drought, but only one not in flesh, but by faith, brought an
umbrella). A seducing spirit attempts to give you rhema in making you think how to profit in the
flesh (Matt 13:22/2Tim2:4). The devil tries to steal (Matt 13:19) but trembles when you have the
living Word in you (thinking the bible) because he knows your authority better than you do! (When
you use it He will flee from you in other peoples so you can work on digging up their bad seeds!).
A logos battle goes on in our minds about our past and our future. A rhema battle causes us
soldiers to see things in the Spirit and make it manifest on earth.

We first see things in pictures. (If I would tell you to spell giraffe, you would see it before you
spelled it). With faith, you see yourself healed, provided for, having perfect peace, ‘places’ for you
in heaven and realize these are present with you even now, when we are convinced that God loves
us enough to provide for us according to His riches. Picture His agape love for you as if you were
His only child. Plant the seeds of the Word in your garden and keep it freshly watered!