Lesson #175 Leaders after God’s own heart

As Pastors and leaders, our  best desires are to train up leaders to serve God’s church (not ours). We don’t want to just hold the fort, but to take the land. Nor should we be like a basketball star where the person with the most talents shoots and scores while the rest of the team watches. We need to build confidence in each other, because we need each other as a team. We should be more like coaches and not owners, building up our seasoned ‘free agents’ to serve in a position that’s best for his spiritual family. A true blessing is watching the next generation exceed your level as we get closer to the perfecting of the saints with the fivefold ministry. It’s easy to do a message at a church, but we know the real work is outside the church.

If we are praying for the Holy Spirit to help us pastor, teach, preach and perform miracles in our church (and He will), we should go to the next level and ask the Holy Spirit to pastor, teach for His church as we help. We can use a lot of big words, have fancy or entertaining speech and people will glorify us, but if we fall on our knees and leave the direction to Him (1 Pet 5:7), people will see our humility and glorify God (Matt 5:16). Whenever you depend on God you will see His power. Let go and let God. A church divided against itself (and against God) with different opinions cannot stand (Acts 9:4).

Sometimes (if not all the time) we need to stop doing so much thinking and rely on God to think for us (Phil 2:5). A lot of what we believed was counterfeit (false) thinking. Peter walked on water, but when he went back to his old way of thinking, he began to sink. He could of walked on the water forever. When we are in the midst of a storm and Jesus asks us where is our faith, we will we have the same mind and rebuke the wind? Will we hold onto our own report that we could never do this
or will we be sensitive to the presence of the Spirit of God to tell us when and where? Jesus stands at the door and knocks. Some of us will open the door and just stand in His way and talk, but wont let Him in, being distracted by the previous teaching in our temple. We get lukewarm and think we can ‘handle it’, but until we are doing the works and having the ripe fruit of the Spirit, we should not settle for mediocrity. The Holy Spirit will teach us all things in order for Him to present to Christ a bride that is equally yoked.

The Word without the Spirit is dead. The Spirit tells us what to do with the word we have so it can manifest with world changing, miracle working, soul saving power and complete God given dominion. We look at Him as a very present help in time of need (to minister).
With the presence of the Son, it is easier to be obedient (Matt 11:30).
With the presence of God’s Holy Spirit it makes life easier for guidance (John 14:26).
With the presence of the Father, He brings instant Life to the temples that He bought with a price
and makes our hearts His home (John 14:23).
Together, the Trinity is 1x1x1=1

If you are called to minister (as we all are in some capacity), faithfully take the time to be rooted, built, established and abounding in the faith, and your spiritual incubation period will grow as you stay in the presence.

If you don’t know your part in the body of Christ, seek, and be very aware of His presence and He will take on the responsibility to give you direction and send a “rhema” word to you to grow, go, and know.