Lesson #226 Seeing the Kingdom

When we ask God for wisdom and He opens the eyes of our heart to see it, He gives us revelation through visions in our imagination for things to come to pass in the spiritual world (Eph 1:18). We want to have great mountain moving faith and that requires our full expectancy (Mark 11:23). We receive from God not just because we want it, but because we believe and are certain. God is already pleased with you because of the faith that you already have to believe in Him who you haven’t seen (Heb 11:1). He wants to take you higher into the vision He has for you and his people, so that no one will perish for lack of knowledge (Hos. 4:6).

He will continually work on you and work on you until you have full confidence in everything He does, with more patience than a parent teaching a child how to ride a bike (2 Thess 3:3). When you are focusing on His plan, whatever you don’t understand; He will reveal it to you (Phil 3:15). Your delays will continue to be reduced. He has the perfect strategy to get our desired manifestations that we’ve been promised (Phil 1:6). No demon can stop that delivery (Luke 10:19). We received power; we receive the anointing that pursues us better than a stalker (Acts 1:8). The anointing inspires us to do greater works, and when we get used to flowing with it, we get more results than the occasional intervention of God because you want to live by faith (Heb 10:38).

When we walk or drive to our church, we have 100% faith that it will be there when we get there. We want to have that same expectation when we ask God for something; a faith that doesn’t waver or doubt; the same way we expect our church to be there (2 Cor 1:19). If we fall short of this, there is a process to go through; to get you to be fully confident. God will give you the wisdom and faith to get there (Rom 12:3, James 1:5). He will add the testimonies of others to encourage you and remind you of what He has already done in your life in addition to the word. Once you fully believe it, the Lord will confirm it with manifestations, signs and wonders (Mark 16:20).

After hearing about your church, before you went there, you had faith that it was there from another person who told you about it. After going to your church the first few times, your imagination can now picture the directions, parking, and where the altar is, etc. After 100’s of times, it is even more solid.

Exercise: When you want to increase your faith in what you’ve been asking God for, make a picture in your mind based on the promise of God’s word and go through the process of seeing it happen in your imagination (2 Cor 2:20). After a few times your faith will rise will solidify when it is repeated and becomes second (new) nature and written on your heart (Ps 119:2).

God saw that the people in Shinar had ‘already built’ the tower of Babel to heaven in their imagination. Since He rules that world, he introduced new languages that fell on the natural world. (Gen 11:4-7). God painted a picture to Abraham with the stars; about descendants to come over generations (Gen 22:17). He painted a picture of frogs coming to Egypt unto Moses. He raised his rod and frogs came (Ex 8:4). Even the magicians imagined this and added frogs (Ex 8:7). God painted a picture to the wise men; that came a long way to bring gifts to Jesus and also John, to share His vision that He would surely come. Jesus gave us to Holy Spirit to teach us all things and SHOW us things to come (John 16:13, Rev 19:10). Since the enemy knows that giving you his imaginations may work, we are to cast them down and use the ones the God gave us in His word (2 Cor 10:5, 1 Pet 5:8). In the invisible realm we have a surplus of healing, new body parts, an army of powerful angels on our side to help our prayers come to pass (Ps 91:16, Col 1:16, 3:1, 2).

Your fervent prayer and communication with God is already happening to make the will of God well known. When you see someone unsaved, and in the world, let your thoughts see them praising God or praying for somebody else (Acts 16:31). When you see someone blind or in a wheel chair, let your first thought be to see that person walking with the possibilities of God. Believe in the vision and take it. Be ready for the boldness of God to come out of you (John 7:37).