Lesson #172 Binding and Loosing

Whatsoever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven
             (Matt 16:19, 18:18)

At the beginning of the restoration of the kingdom of God, Jesus began to restore power through men beginning with Peter and His other disciples, by teaching and demonstration. He laid a foundation (1Cor 3:10,11,Eph 2:18-22) that started in the early church and continues today.

Because we are now the legal acting body of Christ, or rulers of the seen world with instruction from the invisible, we have been given keys to the kingdom of heaven and the keys of death (Matt 10:8, John 8:51) and hell (Rev 1:18) and all the power of the enemy (Luke 10:19,20) by God through the Holy Spirit from the revelation on His Christ. At the cross the prince(s) of the world came and there was darkness all over the land (John 14:30, Matt 8:45). Then Jesus went to the lower parts of the earth (Eph 4:9) still preaching (1 Pet 3:19) took captivity captive (took the chains of death and wrapped death up with the same chain), making a show of them openly (Col 3:15) and set captives of death free (Matt 27:52,53), saying all power is given unto me.

Because we are not fighting against flesh and blood (Eph 5:11) or with carnal weapons (2 Cor 10:4) we pick up the Sword of the Spirit, with protection from the undefeated armour of God, or simply put, line up with God’s word in prayer. We call things that are not as though they are, not facing reality, but creating it. As creation is in God’s nature, so it is with us (1 John 4:17). The head (Christ) has all power as well as the body (the church).

Of the four things we fight against, mentioned in Eph 6:12 (principalities-influences) (powers-spiritual authorities) (rulers of darkness-thrones, dominions, strongholds) (spiritual wickedness in high places-princes of the power of the air). We can call satans’ whole army satan, because they operate as one, on one accord to steal, kill and destroy. The soldiers of the strong man are individual spirits with different ranks and powers. Some are under the earth (hell, bottomless pit etc.), some walk to and fro seeking who they may devour (those who allow it) or posses. Yet some are in the atmosphere in the heaven above us. This is not the heaven where God controls all, but the temporal (1 Pet 3:5,7,10, Rev 21:1), one belonging to this planet, where we can see night and darkness.

The princes of the power of the air, curse people of the earth, working in the children of disobedience (Eph 2:2,3). They posses or oppress these children of wrath, when no one is interceding for them. They work on churches to divide us, leaders of nations to attempt to conquer us, through witchcraft and sorcery through music and media and other methods (wiles). We bind them here on earth, so they will be bound in heaven. Or, whatever is bound in our physical world will be bound in the spiritual.

When God spoke to Daniel about the kingdoms of the world, the angel Gabriel came to him right away (Dan 9:20,21). The second time Gabriel came, the prince of Persia withstood him for three weeks and told him Michael was the only one fighting with him (Dan 10:12,13). In those days satan would present himself before the Lord with the other angels (Job 2:1). Now that authority has been returned to men, the angels that always behold God’s face (Matt 18:10), and keep charge of us (Ps 91:11, Matt 4:6) are ready to fight and loose their mighty power in heaven and earth from our prayers in the name of Jesus. Do you have a stronghold in your family, city or workplace? Don’t you know that you can pray to the Father, and he will presently give you more than twelve legions (72,000) of angels (Matt 26:53) to handle your business? He will provide everything you need for victory according to his riches and glory because we are more than conquerors. Since Adam, He has always left those decisions to us and came here to show us how it’s done.

So go ahead. Bind some spirits that you know are causing trouble now. The seducing spirits, the murderous spirits, homosexual spirits etc. And if a spirit is telling you not to do it right now bind him too and tell him to get out of your friends or family. When they are bound, you wont have to bind them again (unless you loose them by speaking negativity to existence, giving satan access like Adam did. i.e. things are going to get worse and worse in my city, there’s no hope..I’ll never get out of debt..If you go outside without a coat you’ll get sick.. {Prov 18:21, Mark 11:23}). Your angels are just waiting to back up your word so that God’s will is done on earth as it is in His heaven. Great signs will follow them that believe, so you might as well use them. When you walk down the street you can say in confidence C’mon signs!

Before the gospel of the kingdom is preached in all the world (Matt 24:14), I can just see the body of Christ binding up the last evil spirit left, and the angels casting them out, so that when we meet him in the air, it will be just us. Why stick around? There’s no one left to fight. Just some unrepented people left here with a determined, fleshly way of thinking. The Lion of Judah, the Lord who is strong and mighty in battle (He also likes to get in on the fight at times Josh 10:11) will raise up a formidable opponent (who wants too easy a win?), in the end for Armageddon. He’ll come back with 10,000’s of his saints (Zech 14:5, Jude v14) and give satan another beat down, and schedule a rematch 1000 years later (Rev 20:1-3,7-10).

This training session is now over. Go and fight the good fight of faith.