Lesson #133 The Flesh Part 3

Choose this day

Everyone loves choices. Whether it is in the food we eat, where we live, who our friends or spouses are, we all like the benefit of having a choice. The Lord’s gift to all is giving us a choice. We have a choice to fulfill God’s will or our will. The will of the Spirit (love peace joy sharing all-for-one,one-for-all etc) or the will of the flesh (spiritual mindset) wanting control,power or pleasure at the expense of others. When we realize the eternal consequences of our choices come down to (for us and others), it makes it easier to make the right choice.

Our flesh has seeds planted in us from long ago to detour us from making good choices (Matt 13:25/Num 14:4). God the Father made a (marital) covenant with the flesh (Israel: Ex 19:5-8/Is 54:5 even then He so loved the world) and a better (marital) covenant through the Spirit (Rom 7:4/Heb 8:6). This is an example of the flesh without the spirit (1Cor 10:6). Their flesh kept the Israelites from the promised land. Even seeing the miracles time after time did not change them
from ‘I want things my way’ or ‘I deserve to have something’ attitude.

Lucifer saw the Lord himself in His glory, but chose the selfish mindset of the flesh because he thought it would profit something. He looked at the temporal picture, but failed to line up with the eternal picture. He believed in himself and what he could see, not by faith. He took God’s choice for him to have independence away from God, drawn away with his own lust. He developed a
respect of persons (judging) because of his God-given wisdom and beauty. With the music that was built in him (Is 14:11), and the covering of gold, diamonds and every precious jewel there was, so that when God’s glorious light shined on him, he reflected God’s beauty in such a magnificent way (Eze 28:12,13), that he used these things to lead away 1/3 of the angels from heaven (Rev 12:4). Angels chose to see him as god instead of God in him. People today worship themselves and others because of their talent, beauty, money, power or knowledge with little
guidance from him (James 1:14).

When you have the True love of God, you need additional help to believe or ‘think’ different. Simple things become complicated, wisdom becomes confusion, faith becomes fear, worry or doubt.

Eve, who was represented Adam’s ‘flesh‘ was convinced by the serpent that there was something she needed that God didn’t provide for her when she wanted it. Adam (the spirit man) willfully (1Tim 2:14) took from the tree out of his agape love for his wife. And like the Lord; he went into the ‘world’ and gave up his immortality and became sin who knew no sin. He kept his covenant with Eve to never leave her or forsake her (Matt 19:8). He told the Lord my ‘flesh’ did this
(paraphrase, notice he called her flesh of my flesh, not spirit of my spirit). In judgement God said he would return to the ground in death (Eccl 12:7), but the last Adam (1Cor 15:45) would become a living soul. The first ‘high priest’ allowed the flesh to take dominion over the earth. The Lord God sacrificed an animal to cover their sins.

The Lord would have to wait patiently, thousands of years later to sacrifice His own royal blood and take it to the altar in heaven (Heb 9:12, on His first ascension {John 20:17}) because sin started there.. and not on earth. He independently gave us power over the works of the devil by His guidance with His Holy Spirit, so we could crucify our flesh (Gal 5:24), and go boldly to the
throne of grace (Heb 4:16) and enjoy our benefits now!