Lesson #181 Health and Fitness

God’s connection to us through healing.

God will be merciful to us, cause his face to shine upon us that his way may be made known on the earth. His saving health among all nations. (Ps 67:1,2).

Is the ANY sick among you? Are you waiting on the Lord for the manifestation of His promise? Because God answers us abundantly more than we can ask or think (Eph 3:20), we need to prepare for more than what we expect. When we trust in the Lord with all our heart (Prov 3:5) we have confidence toward God to ask him for anything, when our heart does not condemn us (1 John 3:21,22). By forsaking our deceitful heart (Jer 17:9) receiving a clean one from the Lord (Ps 51:10), we silence the opinions of our flesh and wait on the Lord (Is 40:31).

When we continue to walk in the Spirit, we position ourselves for Gods blessings (Gal 5:16). Never give up on a healing if you have not seen it manifest. Aeneas, a saint of God, had the palsy for 8 years (Acts 9:31-35). His testimony was greater, because of the time people seen him afflicted. The bible says ALL that lived in Lydda and Saron turned to the Lord. God’s miracles are to glorify God and His timing is best (John 9:3). When Lazarus was sick, if Martha had it her way, Jesus would have (and could have) healed him when they sent for him (John 11:3)with just a word (Matt 8:8). But Jesus gave them exceedingly more than they expected by raising him from the dead for a greater testimony!

We properly discern the Lords body (1 Cor 11:29,30) and what He has done for us by faith. His death was for our salvation, his stripes for our healing (Is 53:4-10). Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all (Ps 34:19). Many are saying where is God?, but miracles and confirmation of his word are coming, and are now here. Seek the presence of God. Keep the presence of God. Touch the ‘hem’ of his garment and don’t let go unless you’re trying to get a tighter grip!

“Remember this, and do not abandon your confidence, which will lead to rich rewards”   Hebrews 10:35 TV