Lesson #165 Growing Up

What’s the difference between a child of God and a son of God? (or daughter)

A child of God has a ‘gimmie‘ attitude and looks for money, handouts, gifts and ‘blessings’. Irresponsible and immature, the child needs to have someone hold their hand and be constantly reminded what to do, how to live, how to act right (Eph 5:1). He can be manipulating and unthankful, unforgiving and without integrity.

A son of God tries to imitate his Father (John 5:19). He knows how to be blessed with the works of his hands and does so. He knows how to give. He has sought the kingdom of his Father and all His righteousness, and knows that his Father has these ‘things’ covered (Matt 6:25-37). He becomes a friend, instead of a servant (John 15:15). He has relationship, instead of religion (Rom 8:29). He doesn’t need to wait for a minister for prayer, for he knows he is king & priest following his Father and eager at every chance to receive instruction. He knows what part he plays in the family (body of Christ) and does it the best he can to please his Father. He sees what the Father does in heaven and takes up his sword (the Word) in easy victory (Mat 11:30). People recognize the Father in him by
his words (mature spiritual vocabulary) and actions, the image and likeness of God.

As ministers, we have a choice to give messages for children, or sons. If we only serve ‘milk’ we will attract babies or people who refuse to grow up, even if they’ve been in ‘church’ for 50 years. They cater to the emotions of these little ones and become nurturing, ending up ‘changing diapers’ (refreshing up those who go back out into the world with the filth it has to offer). The children will not get their spiritual ‘potty training’ and wont know what is expected of them, settling for mediocrity at most. We know that breast feeding should only be done for a short period of time. Some have ministries like a ‘one room school house’ and give bits and pieces of bread. The sons will leave and go where they can get fed, if they know where there is plenty of fresh bread served regularly. A church that’s not multiplying members have neither milk or bread to offer.

If we choose to serve fresh bread and meat, we help create a hunger for the best that God has and attract those who have developed a hunger for the best, allowing God to give us bigger seeds for the more mature of the family. God will give you what you need to feed. The children will go elsewhere for milk and come back when they are repentant of worldly things, and see the growth of the well fed. The sons will stay being fruitful and multiplying.

There are plenty of milk places, who are in competition for numbers and crowds, instead of hearts for evangelism, purity and holiness and perfection, AS our Father in heaven is perfect (Matt 5:48). The world sees enough people with ‘pacifiers’ in their mouths, looking at one who says they are saved (from what??) but can’t tell the difference between a church goer (bench warmer) and a sinner. They are not encouraged to participate (1 Cor 15:33,34) for the answer their soul is searching for. Some teachers just don’t know better, because they still have never received instruction to step up, or feel that it is easier to babysit. When we teach the best, we become empowered to be the best. Take on more responsibility to bear mature fruit. The rewards will be a multiplication of more people being born again with signs following them that believe (Mark 16:15-20) towards unity to the body of Christ
(Eph 4:12,13) presented to Him without spot or wrinkle (Eph 5:27).