Greek Lesson #11 Parachrema


parachrema2-125x20parachrema (par-akh-ray’-mah)
Last week we looked at rhema, this week we’ll look at another combination of this word. It is a powerful act of the Living Word in action. In the KJV it is translated into: forthwith:
Acts 9:18 “..He received his sight forthwith (parachrema)..”immediately:
Luke 1:64 “..and his mouth was opened immediately (parachrema).. and he
praised God.”
Luke 4:39 “..and immediately (parachrema) she arose..”
Luke 8:44 ” ..immediately her issue of blood stanched (dried up)”
also Luke 5:25,8:47,13:13,18:43,19:11 Acts 3:7,12:23,16:26

Mt 21:20 “..How soon (parachrema) is the fig tree withered away!”

Luke 8:55 “And her spirit came again, and she arose straightway (parachrema)..”
Acts 5:10 “the she fell down straightway (parachrema) at his feet, and gave up the ghost”

time wise (as in right away) these same words are translated from the greek
euthos or eutheos (Matt 6:29, Mark 11:2).
When great faith is mixed with powerful word, (Heb 4:2) big things happen
Luke 2:15 “Let us now go to Bethlehem, and see this thing (rhema)…”