Lesson #207 Jehovah Shamar

                                        Jehovah Shamar: God Preserves   Psalm 145:20
                                                        (The Fountain of Youth Part 2)
God’s best desire for us is to live divine health (3 John 1:2). His nature is to preserve us and our nature is to depend on him. The children of Israel experienced this walking in the wilderness, there was not a feeble one among them (Ps. 105:37). There was preservation from hunger and thirst (Ex 15:26,  16:13). Even the clothes they wore were preserved. (Deut 8:4).After Abraham heard the promise of having a child at 100 years of age, he continued to have six more children after Issac, being preserved to be 175 years of age (Gen 25:2, 3). At 120, Moses had good eyesight and preserved strength. In the Lamsa’s translation; it says his skin was unwrinkled (Deut 34:7). Saving power was also seen with Daniel and the Hebrew boys, who stayed in the secret place of the Most High; stopping the mouths of lions or being untouched by fire (Dan 3:27, 6:22). We seen the body of Elisha well preserved after death, with enough life in his bones to raise the dead (2 Kings 13:21). When you hear and receive God’s word, it will save you from the pit and keep you young and youthful (Job 33:24, 25).

Preservation also takes place in defense from weapons and people (Is 54:17, Prov 16:7). “Hard to kill” apostles survived many attacks and prospered. The apostle John is good example of this; when they tried to boil him alive, he would not boil. So they sent him to prison where he wrote the book of Revelation. And of course, the “Untouchable” Jesus would give death the ‘slip’ knowing what the opposition was up to (John 8:59, 10:39).

We who have received power to become the sons of God (John 1:12) and partake of God’s divine nature (2 Peter 1-3), renew our mind and become like Jesus having all wisdom (1 John 4:17, Rom 8:29, Col 1:9) and understanding of the nature of God’s healing and better yet, preservation for us (Ps 145:20). Our confession changes from observations (what happens when others have aged) to revelation from the Word of what has been made available from the foundation of the world.

Jehovah Shamar. God preserves. Jesus saves. Seek and ye shall find (Luke 11:10).