Azusa 2006 a review by Jeff Lowe

The Azusa Experience

The Azusa centennial was simply put an amazing experience. I attended the meetings at the LA Convention center All day Tues, Wed, Fri & Thur night f/b the LA Coliseum meeting (I didn’t attend the American meetings at West Angeles or Faith dome) The Southern Hemisphere has far surpassed us in spirituality and the numerous miracles that began here from Azusa street in LA started a fire of 600-700 million Charismatic Spirit filled and led believers 100 years later.

There was many Pastors and ministers from 103 nations there with a serious hunger for God. In fact many times there were more there from out of the country then there were people from here. I’ll give a few highlights.

We started with an 8:30 AM morning session and separated into specialty classes, it was challenging to choose which one to attend, so I had to follow the Spirit and decide to get a to-go bag on cd:

Two morning Classes at 10:15 and 11:30 every day with different spiritual giants (too many to mention here) included;
Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry Today
Avivamiento en Latino America
Children of the Spirit
Evangelizing the World in the Power of the Spirit
Fire, Faith and Family: Marriage and Family Ministry
The Holy Spirit and Healing
The Holy Spirit in the Marketplace
Prayer Movements and Pentecostal Power
Preserving Pentecostal History and Power
Your Sons and Daughters Shall Prophesy
The Spirit Filled Local Church around the World
The Spirit and the Media
Spirit Empowered Writing
The Theological Implications of Azusa Street
Today in the land of Pentecost
Worship in Spirit and Truth

Afternoon sessions include prayer and worship services in the big auditorium (14,000) with Native Indian Holy Spirit services and Apostolic and Prophetic services at the same time

Brian Houston from the Hillsong church in Australia spoke on the divinely implanted purpose in your heart.
Myles Munroe from the Bahamas spoke on the importance and priority of preaching the Kingdom of God and His Government reining on the earth Now. Very powerful.
Hal Rahman from Sierre Leon Africa talked about God’s plan and purpose. Very awesome.
Alberto Mottesi spoke about the importance of signs and wonders, how the Lord made him invisible so he could go into a hospital and pray for people when the soldiers would not him in, healed a paralyzed girl and led many more to the Lord than 1000 sermons did before.
Claudio Freidzon and Carlos Anacondia (They are like the power of Benny Hinn X 10) from South America talked about A new Expectancy in Christ. Failure is over.
Mary Glazer a native American Indian from Alaska spoke about how Alaska, which after 1949 became A state and changed the international dateline there and fulfilled a long ago prophecy that the last will be first for the American revival.. The Alaskan revival changed into a place with the highest percentage of crime per population to where they changed the Ketchcan prison to the Ketchcan Christian center. America is hungry for revival. The top selling Time-Warner music CD in history is now Worship music.

Benny Hinn spoke about seeking Jesus first, not the power and gifts. He recalled a prophecy from 1990 that a great revival of this country would began when two spiritual giants had passed away; Oral Roberts and Billy Graham. One day he asked Oral if he knew when he was going to die. Rev Roberts told him I will die when I turn 88. Jan 2006
Oral Roberts turned 88. In a meeting of 750,000 people in Indonesia (the largest Muslim population 85%) even the muslim soldiers raised their hands during the invitation. E.A.
Adeboye from Laos Nigeria; who started 1,500 churches in Africa (and 200 here in the U.S.) with monthly meetings of 1,000,000 and annual meetings of 5,000,000, powerfully encouraged us that God will rekindle the fire in us and we will live in holiness (If any be in Christ, All things become new) and not to sin (1 John 3:8) and any other teaching is satanic (In Nigeria he said you must fully submit to God or you’d be subject to a witch flying over and casting a spell on you) Christ is coming for a perfect church.

Dennis Balcombe who leads in missionary work in China where there are more Christians than any other country (70,000,000 and growing by 6-8 million per year) told many ways of  how they Holy Spirit is exploding there in the last two years. One province, after witnessing two people raised from the dead, went from 3,000 Christians to 3,000,000.
Buddism is now only in Taiwan with the exception of some trinkets for tourists in the mainland cities. When Chairman Mao kicked out the organized church (and all bibles), who didn’t like charismatic Christians they went to other countries and the Charismatic went underground leaving them to start a great revival after the change in Govt. brought back the church, some teaching in govt. schools, welcoming the Christians because when they came, crime rate lowered and people were happy. One province where Christians were sent to jail, turned the whole jail Christian and all who came to where they decided not to arrest Christians anymore.
In Hong Kong almost all movie theaters have become churches among the 1,300
churches there. Mahesh Chanda  told the story of how he grew with the Spirit long ago, from being slain in the spirit at 16 and seeing Jesus, to when his baby was born during his wife’s 5th month at less than 1 pound. His brain was hemmoraging, lungs contorted and gangrene in the intestines, the doctors said he’d be a vegetable at best. His wife urged him to preach in Africa like he was suposed to. He anointed his son and left for Kenya. In a crowd of 40,000 he heard the voice of God tell him that someone there had a 6 yr. old son
who had died this morning. This man came up to receive prayer as his family sat around the body in the morgue at the same time (An African tradition). At the same time he prayed the 6 yr old boy sneezed twice and came to life and even his own son received a miraculous healing in Florida, and is now an A student at UNC.
David Shibley on world evangelism, talked about how a Mississippi man led a Muslim to Christ that turned into 600,000 to be lead to the Lord with 97 new churches. In some places now in the middle east, numerous radical reports are told how people there are seeing Jesus in person or in their dreams with many their it takes an average of 2 minutes to win them to the Lord. For those with a ‘hard’ face it takes them 10 minutes.In the United States 2,500,000 kids have been in missionary trips (about 20 went with us last year) having a great effect on the next generation. One missionary went on a South American trip and reluctantly took 4,000 Spanish bibles with him that were offered to him
from someone who thought he could use them. His van broke down in Manuel Mexico where he found a small town fellowshipping there. He asked the usher at the front door if anyone there could use them. When he informed the Pastor he announced in the middle of the service that the bibles we have prayed for have come today, just as it had been prophesied! Whatever you need for God’s Kingdom is on the way.
Ceaser Castellanos from Bogota Columbia whose G-12 congregation is now at 300,000 talked about the power of dreams and visions of the power of God in the last days. When he started in ’83 he said, If I have to beg for members I don’t want to Pastor. He asked God for 200 people in 6 months, but God gave him 200 in 3 month. Exceedingly more than what he asked or thought. Dynamic. David Yonggi Cho who has the largest church on the planet in South Korea at 1,000,000 spoke simply and powerful. Early on he noticed the
church was like an orphanage without the Holy Spirit. Every morning he would tell the Holy Spirit he loved him and he needed His help. You could feel the anointing of one who preaches to 750,000 under one roof. It had all started 120 years ago with one missionary who was told by God to go to Korea and that He would provide the $6,000 he need to get there. There are now 12,000,000 spirit filled Christians in Korea. One in four. There are now One in Six in the entire planet. The fire is spreading. The message that a strong revival is coming to the United States this year was repeated by many over and over again. More people are getting Spirit filled baptisms now, than at any other time on the planet. God is coming for a perfect church. We’ve had Evangelists, Teachers and Pastors, now the hand of God is filling His church with the Apostolic and the Prophetic, making the full-handed five fold ministry for the perfecting of the saints. Eph 4:12, Rom 8:29,30. It’s been a blessing!!!