Lesson #167 The gospel of Judas, Divinci code

A great revival is starting in America. The enemy sees this and tries to finance a bigger lie through popular people, books, movies and pop culture. We see this in the gospel according to Judas and the Divinci code (people who wonder if this may be true don’t study to show their selves approved and not be ashamed, may have everlasting shame  2 Tim 2:15, Dan 12:2) He is a corrupt politician that tries to buy his election to power and control, falsely accusing the heroes (witnesses of God) and blaspheming. It has been that way from the beginning. his counter moves
are slow, but have an effect on the religious and self-righteous (Is 66:4, 2 Thess 2:11).

The greatest revival of all time started when Jesus rose from the grave. The first to find out that Jesus rose from the dead was not Mary Magdalene or the other disciples. It was the Roman watch; a squadron of soldiers ordered by Pilate. When they saw the angel of the Lord roll back the sealed stone and sit on it, they shook and were stunned (Matt 28:2-4), while listening to the conversation of the women and the angels saying; “He is not here, He is risen!“. The told the Pharisees all that was done (Matt 28:11). How much pride must they have had to not admit they were wrong? The testimony of non-Jewish witnesses was too much for the chief priests and Pharisees. The gave large money to the soldiers to finance a bigger lie that all of them were sleeping (who would even believe 50 soldiers would be sleep all at once, especially during a great earthquake?) (Matt 28:12-15). The soldiers knew (Surely, this must be the Son of God!). The same soldiers who crucified him could not report back to Pilate for fear of their jobs or life. So, some of them went to the priests and took the money, while the others stayed there. The priests told them they would protect them from the governor. The story was known of the Jews for many years, especially from over 500 who saw Jesus after his resurrection.

America is beginning a rise like none other before. The sons and daughters will prophesy and evangelize, the young men will have visions for the nation to follow and the seasoned citizens will have dreams to guide us by the Holy Spirit. We will see wonders in the heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath (Acts 2:17-19). We will pick up our cross and not allow ‘cults’ to knock on doors more than we do. We will take back our cities, schools and government. We will take back are children from the enemy. We will walk in divine health. We’ll look satan’s lies and say ‘Is that all you got??’

God Bless America and God Bless you!