Lesson #130 Cheerfully Give

We must all appear before the judgement of Christ and receive the things that we do with our body (2 Cor 5:10). This includes our giving (Prov 13:18). Many have learned the basics of prosperity by not robbing God (Mal 3:8) in violation of the 8th commandment (Ex 20:15). The basics also include being diligent in our work, unslothfull and not hasty to be rich (Prov 10:4, 20:13, 28:22, Luke 19:17, 1Tim 6:17). To climb higher in prosperity, we can disperse our financial seeds and give to the poor with discretion (Ps 112:3,5,9), as Job did, who gave to widows and orphans, clothed the naked, took in strangers (Job 31:16-19,24,32). For we truly prosper when those around us prosper. In the new testament, (Acts 4:34) they took it even higher by selling land and houses (Matt 19:29). If we are ready to get back to 1000’s of people getting saved during services, we should make this kind of unity one of our goals. This will be the kind of church the Lord would like to come back for (Eph 5:27).

We are blessed to be a blessing. God gives seeds to the sower. God’s heart is that all be saved, even unto the ends of the earth (1 Tim 2:4). In fulfilling the great commission (Mark 16:15), the least we can do is to help finance those who are going out. In that way we share the blessing (1 Sam 30:22-25) like we would if we had been there personally and God will remember our giving (Acts 10:31).

When Jesus walked the earth, to preach to gospel and deliverance to the poor (Luke 4:18), He was the predominate feeder of the poor in Israel. He was blessed to be a blessing from the gold given to Him at birth (Matt 2:11), to the expensive ointment for His burial (Matt 26:12). Many people gave to His ministry with their substance, including the wife of King Herod’s steward (Luke 8:3). He could have took the money Judas kept for their needs (John 13:29) or used His anointing
to multiply fish and loaves. When He told us to feed the hungry, it meant he would supply our needs us according to His riches, so we could do it like He did (John 14:12). For those of us with a higher calling, our needs are not for just us, but for the creation of God and the glory of His kingdom. Those of us without ‘sticky’ fingers will do so on a greater level (Luke 12:48). Even when we ask for our ‘daily bread’, it’s primary purpose is to give this ‘manna’ to those in need of a word of life and abundance.

God takes care of those who use their finances to help the poor (Ps 41:1). Even Peter had lived on beach front property (Acts 10:6). When he said to the lame man silver and gold I have none (Acts 3:6), it wasn’t that they have nothing to give, but it was that they had nothing to misuse. An offering of well over 3000 people was just taken (Acts 2:45 better to heal a man so he can work, then to buy him food). In the all inclusive blessing of Jesus, we are to lack nothing (Luke 22:35).

Those of us who are ‘money-changers’ or leaders who misuse the offering money will face judgement (Matt 21; 12). This is important to God. Those of us who are leaders need to make sure a good percentage of our offering is spent on Evangelism. In the U.S. it’s typical to be >.5%. When our convictions of not having a love of money is passed on the our flocks, it takes away the root of all evil. For the ransom of a man’s life are his riches (Prov 13:18). Money without purpose is

The love of money was evident in the Pharisees, who supported their families with church offerings. People who were kicked out of the synagogues to follow the real authority of God, took their offerings to a real ministry. The offerings in the their churches was diminishing (John 12:19). Nicodemus told Jesus “We know that you are a teacher from God (John 3:2, 19:39). The Pharisees loved money too much to let Him live. They had Him beaten and crucified solely for their lusts. The Roman guard came to them (going back to Pilate meant death), after they felt the earthquake and watched the angel roll the stone away from the grave of Jesus (Matt 28:4). This was even more proof of the truth; a risen Jesus from non-Jewish witnesses. They gave large money to the soldiers (Matt 28:12) to tell finance a lie for their cause (As if the disciples took the body away from 50 soldiers who were all sleep during a big earthquake). Even satan himself wanted possession of not
only the earth (the biggest piece of real estate that Adam had) but to exalt his throne above heaven (Is 14:13).

Will we just be adequate or do abundantly more? We can start out small and grow. If we need to fast to provide once in a while this too is scriptural (Is 58:7). If we are faithful over little, we will become rulers over much (Matt 25:21). Give cheerfully.