Raised from the dead As told by Andrew Womack

In my own life when my youngest son, Peter, died on March 4,
2001, my wife and I spoke our faith and said, “The first report is
not the last report.” We spoke resurrection life back into Peter’s
body, and then we headed into town. It was one hour and fifteen
minutes from the time we got the call until we got to where Peter
was. During that time, I was operating in faith. I remembered
prophecies that had not yet come to pass in Peter’s life, and
therefore, I knew it wasn’t time for Peter to die. I rejoiced by faith,
seeing Peter alive and well.

My oldest son, Joshua, met me at the door and said, “Dad, five or
ten minutes after I called you, Peter just sat up.” Thank You,
Jesus! This is the point: I didn’t rejoice more once I saw Peter
raised from the dead than I did while I was still driving. During the
drive, I knew Peter was alive, and I was rejoicing with all my
might. It was actually anticlimactic when I saw in the physical
what I had already seen in the spiritual. Don’t get me wrong; I
was blessed and I rejoiced to see my son raised up after being
dead for five hours. But the physical reality wasn’t more real to
me than the spiritual reality of faith.