Lesson #216 The Reality of the Kingdom

What we see with our eyes is a very small piece of reality. As Jesus continues to stand at the door and knock, His intention for you is to partake of His divine nature in this present world (2 Pet 1:3). We are surrounded by things that keep us naturally thinking (Rom 12:2). So when we read something like; ‘ask anything in My name and I will do it’, most of us limit our finite thoughts to a few things and sometimes even doubt they are possible (Matt 21:21). When you open yourself to heavenly places and awake to the idea of even entertaining these possibilities,
you take a step in the right direction (Eph 2:6, Phil 3:20).
When the angel spoke to the Virgin Mary about God doing the impossible (Luke 1:17), this was a seed that was planted and brought reverence to the people of Judea (Luke 1:65). It was that word from God that birthed an expectancy in her that was confirmed by different people and different signs (Gen 1:14, Ps 19:1, 2, Matt 2:9). Mary was so confident in the word (Luke 1:54, 55), by the time a certain wedding feast came, she had an impossibility of her own that was fulfilled by the reality of God (John 2:3). The word of God is the seed planted in us; waiting to increase by the Holy Spirit (Col 2:19, 1 Cor 3:7).

Just like the power of grace is above the law (Rom 6:14), Jesus demonstrated power over the law of gravity (Matt 14:25). Earlier that day, Peter experienced a possibility made in watching over 5,000 people get fed from multiplying fish and bread (Matt 14:21). When Jesus said; ‘You give them to eat.’ the invitation was given and he passed up the chance (Matt 14:16). In the evening, he took the opportunity and for a brief time, he experienced this reality of the Kingdom himself (Matt 14:29). A physical law may be a truth, but God’s truth is greater and ranks over the impossibilities with man. We are of God (1 John 4:4). We can and will take advantage of being born again (Eph 4:22, 23, Col 3:10, Titus 3:5) and do greater works (John 5:20).

A man who lived in a very remote area of the world, void of any modernization, came to America with his missionary friend. He was satisfied with the food displays outside the grocery store which looked adequate for his daily need. He was more than amazed when he went inside to see the variety and amount of food that was available. He was even more impressed when an ATM card was given as payment. It does us well when we meditate on the miracles of God in the Word, knowing that God’s plan for us is to participate in them (James 1:22).  He used His power as an ATM (All The Miracles) card to give payment for us (Luke 10:9). Let us continue to hear the advertising about what’s available in the Kingdom of God to claim the promises of God and receive what His blood has paid for (Mark 16:20, Ps 89:34).

You may have been in slow class, but you may not want to settle for the norm (Ps 119:99). God designed you to be capable of His fullness dwelling in you (Gen 1:26). You can have as much indwelling as you want (Col 1:27). As Moses came down from the mount of God shining, you are more than capable of bring the glory of God to bring conviction, hope, healing and our need supplying Spirit to those in need (2 Cor 3:6-9). You are called to be the light of the world (Matt 5:14).

Peter seen Jesus and heard the voice of God on the mount, but was more sure of the Word of God (2 Pet 1:17-21). Jesus told Thomas that those of us who have not seen Him like he did, are more blessed (John 20:29). God has given the doers of the Word a promotion to ‘commander’ in His army (Matt 18:18). With the power of prayer, we don’t always face reality, we create it! Take your promotion. Let go of your natural senses and any opposing thoughts to conform to His (2 Cor 10:5). With the gathering of champions, the world will soon see; the Reality of the Kingdom (Eph 4:11).