Lesson #202 Prayers of the Righteous

            Petition to make your requests known: (fill in your situation or sickness)
Lord God, I have this situation in my life that is totally inconsistent with what I know you want to do. Now I bring it to you, knowing for a fact that your will has already made a way out of that situation and you never lie, break promises or have a respect of persons. I come to you believing that Christ was the end of my slavery of this substandard level of living. When He said “It is finished” it was really finished. So I come to you with a petition as well as the answer to the
petition. I come to you stating that I believe Jesus was your answer to that situation, so now I began to enter into thanksgiving, & I say amen, hallelujah, glory to God.
 Standing on the Word for anything:
Lord God, now you see this thing, and you know that I’m encountering this thing. And the reason that I’m not comfortable with this thing is because I know better. I’ve been taught, I’m a student of your Word. If this thing was my lot in life, I would put up with it. But I’m uncomfortable with it because I know better. This thing is a harassment, it is a hassle to me & I know that you’ve given me the agency of prayer to cry out and call and ask you for anything, through the supernatural power that you have divinely energized within me. And I know this thing, it may seem like it’s gonna last forever, but I know that it’s temporary, because your Word says it’s temporary. I’d would rather believe your Words than my feelings or experience. Right now, I’m going to believe your Word more than my obstacle. Right now, I thank you for the authority you gave me over the thing that is harassing me. I know I’m gonna still be standing when that thing is gone. I thank you for the authority, ability and power that you’ve given to me and stand on your Word.
 Prayer for Pastors and Leaders:
Lord God, I ask you for the grace to live your Word without compromise, ignorance or sin. I ask that the Fire of your Spirit stay ignited in me to spread your Word, and build your kingdom. Give me a burden for lost souls, and hungry hearts. I give my life for your sheep, to feed them as you instructed, and impart to them only your Spirit. Allow me to become part of Your plan for the perfecting of the saints. Continue to reveal who you are to me as I pray and study your precious Holy Word. Become more real to me than the things I see. Let your promises become my expectation and my reality in my life. Thank you for the power of compassion to heal, and the great faith to perform miracles. Thank you for living in me, ever ready to glorify your kingdom through me.

  Standing for your children with thanksgiving:
Lord God, I have children that you knew before they were formed in the womb. It looks like they wont act right or live right, or have strayed away from your Word, but I thank you for the anointing to walk by faith and not by sight. I can cast all my cares on you, because you said in your Word if I believe, my whole house will be saved and great will be the peace of my children. You said if I
raise them the way they should go, they will never depart from you. I thank you that life is in the power of my tongue, and I decree total peace to rule over their lives. I loose spiritual wisdom upon them to make good decisions and I come against any power of the enemy that tries to hold them back from your way. I thank you and praise you, for your promises have always looked after our
children. I thank you and I praise you, that they will be a part of the greatest revival and harvest that the world has ever known!

Intercession for the body of Christ:
Lord God, I thank you for the price you paid with your blood, so that I can boldly go to your throne of grace to find mercy in the time of need. I thank you for being living in me, with all of your power, interceding and giving me power and authority as a son, king, and priest, to have dominion over all power of the enemy. I thank you that you said in your word to ask anything in the name of Jesus, that your name may be glorified. I thank you for my joy will be full, because your joy is full. I pray that you will send more laborers to the harvest. Lord God, I decree that you are Lord in my house, my city, and my country, and rule and reign through your children. I command that spirits of fear, murder, depression, infirmities, cancer, hypertension, diabetes flee from the presence of their anointing and mine. I rejoice because I am written in your permanency, and the temporary circumstances of the enemy are falling beneath my feet as they have yours. Thank you Lord!