Miracles in Europe-Christie Harfouche

“You always have to be ready!” I woke up today, got mom and me
some coffee, and started waking up while writing the update. When it
was time to get ready for the morning meeting mom looked at me and
said, “God told me to have you minister this morning.” I don’t know
how my face reacted… but it didn’t matter! I quickly readjusted and
got prepared for God to use me!

That night…

What a night! If we came all the way here for one little boy it would
have been worth it! There was a little boy their named Mateo, and he
was missing a bone in his hip joint… and God had a new bone ready
for him!

Mom shared about her visit to heaven tonight. It has been very rare
and special for her to go into detail about this vision… but tonight
was a special night. Her face lit up as she spoke about heaven and
revealed the deception of the spirit of pain. She spoke about creative
miracles and the end time outpouring and I felt the atmosphere shift.
It seems that when this vision is shared it acts as a catalyst for the
creative miracle anointing… and you could literally feel a special
witness of the Holy Ghost sweep in the room.

I slung my camera around my neck and shoulder and pushed it
towards my back so that I could also act as an armor bearer…since I
could see the presence was heavy on my mom.  I got up real close to
her as she started to move out in the miraculous. There were a lot of
miracles… but I can never forget Mateo.

When mom got up to him, and I saw his little face as he hugged his
mother’s leg… I knew that the natural…physical order of things was
about to be completely interrupted by a living God.  I backed up and
began to watch. There’s always a fine line you have to be sensitive of
when capturing photos of miracles like this… there’s a reverence you
must possess at all times.

Mom looked at the young boy deep in his eyes and said, “If God
gives you a new hip tonight will you tell people about him and your
miracle when you get older?”  He looked up at her with more
understanding than would be assumed of a boy his age, and replied,
“Yes.” She laid her hands on the upper part of his leg and spoke a
hip into existence… I watched through the fogginess of the tears that
had swelled up in my eyes.  I knew God had a hip for him…and I
knew it would be delivered to him tonight! As Dr. Robin took her
hands off the boy you could see that she knew it was done… she
began to walk him around the front of the church. He was walking
beautifully! His mom grabbed his leg and started to feel for the piece
that once wasn’t there… she looked up as if everything was fine. She
asked Mateo how he was and he said he was great!

The next day… His mom called to get word to us that he was
completely and totally healed… walking normal! God recreated his

We love you all!

Christie and the Gang