Super Creative Miracle – Peter Pretorius

In Swaziland, in 1987, I’d been doing hospital outreach for 5 years and we’d been seeing really good miracles; blind seeing, seen cripples walk in that crusade.

A mother brought her little blind boy every night and we were there 14 days. She brought him every night. I prayed for him every night for 13 nights in a row, and he went home blind.

And on the 14th night she brought him in again and I saw her weeping when it came for time for the prayer, and you know what? I know why see was weak, she didn’t want to go home with her son still blind and I went to pray for him first.

I must say, I was kinda fueled up you know, ready to go, but  as I approached that little boy, I became more curious. I wanted to see what was wrong with his eyes. So before I prayed for him, I stretched his eyelids open…

He didn’t have any eyes.
He had no cornea.
He had no pupil.

I became intimidated instantly, I wanna move on. Strange… I seem to have the faith to pray for the blind, but someone who didn’t have eyes, it just deserted me.
I wanna move on, I felt like; I can’t pray for this kid, he doesn’t have any eyes. And I did. I took a step to move on and pray for the next person. And suddenly, something inside me welled up so strong, that it was like a surge… and the Holy Spirit reminded me what Jesus promised us; whatever you ask in my name, I will do that for you.

I became instantly encouraged. I realized afterwards what I was experiencing was a super natural gift from the Holy Spirit of faith rising up inside of me. And I put my thumb on that little boys eyes and I just said this simple prayer; “Jesus, in the name of Jesus, Give this boy new eyes.” and I took my thumbs away and he opened his eyes! I became so happy! I knew instantly he was healed because he now had these beautiful big brown eyes!

I said to his mother; “Ask him what you look like,” because I knew he was born totally blind. He never seen his mother.

She asked him. He looked up and said; “Mommy, you’re so beautiful!”

She just burst out crying. I couldn’t help myself. I just began to cry with her. It was such an amazing, emotional moment.

I went to my trailer that night and I couldn’t sleep. I just lay in my bed the whole night thinking, Jesus, you’re the most wonderful person in the world, there’s nobody like you. In just a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, as the bible says; you changed that boy’s life forever…

Peter Pretorius (pictured with wife Ann) of South Africa, has
over 8,000,000 registered decisions made for Christ.

His legacy lives on continuing with power from the Kingdom of God.



A miracle from 1987; as told at Cottonwood Chuch in 2007