The Kingdom of God

“The power we will see magnified as this book is sent forth to empower the saints of the living God! If any man lack wisdom let him ask, I believe that Jeff Lowe asked and he did receive.” Pastor Richard Kurtz Oklahoma

“This is a Word straight from the throne room of God” Prophetess Sharon

“Thank you for this powerful Rhema Word from the Lord “Pastor L Martin

“We want use this in our bible school in India” Pastor Nadava  Andhra Pradesh India

“Dear Rev. Jeff, I’m pleased to tell you that i have been greatly impacted by your book… Kingdom mindset is the key. I have been challenged, encouraged and corrected  as well. Thanks so much Pastor John Ateno Kisumu, Kenya

“Jeff Lowe’s writing on “The Kingdom of God” even though written in a concise manner is a great faith builder. I found myself inspired and looking forward to a stronger  manifestation of God’s kingdom in our time. He challenges you to think in kingdom terms, and go beyond yourself. This writing is for hungry souls who are searching for more.”
Pastor Daniel Ayettey   England

“This book will broaden your view of the Kingdom of God. Jeff Lowe defines the Kingdom of God as “the liberty of spiritual right-standing with God, unceasing joy, and the peace that surpasses all our understanding.” He discusses many aspects of the Kingdom including the Glory of the Kingdom, the Mystery of the Kingdom, the Finances of the Kingdom, and ending with Your Place in the the Kingdom. His writing is interspersed with many Scripture references. His theology is appropriate for mature Christians who are willing to look deeper into their relationship with God and who want more understanding of what the requirements, benefits, and blessings are in that relationship.” Karen Potts Amazon Top 500 reviewer (Lake Jackson, Texas)

“When you read Jeff Lowe’s book The Kingdom of God it will take the pauper out of your life’s power and correct the view of God’s authority that is inside of you!  This tool will accelerate your purpose, vision and understanding as Christ’s ambassadors.  Jeff truly gives us the enabling keys to God’s Kingdom that:  unlocks mysteries; wisdom to operate in Kingdom
protocols, and the Holy Spirit will engage your heart to do exploits!” – Pastor Raveena D. Saunders

“The Kingdom of God is proof that a person spends “real” time with Jehovah…” Pastor R.D. Sanders DE

“I am amazed at how well you have articulated ideas that I have been preaching in fragments for ten years.” Pastor Kevin B. Fast NM

“Lots of good stuff…” Pastor Davie Copp CA

“I am loving your book. I like the different aspects of Kingdom living that you talk about in the different chapters. Very current and accurate revelation” Martjin Van Tilborough  Sweden

“Brother, I have been preaching the Kingdom of God for years now out of my own revelation and it is refreshing to find someone who has that revelation and the boldness to preach it.”
Pastor Kevin B. Fast NM

“A great book…” Pastor Garon Harden CA     “Wow” Pastor Gregory Sanders CA
“I was enlightened” Randolph Wilson         “I couldn’t put it down” Sharon Thomas
“…meaningful knowledge” Sophie M             “Very good” Dr. E. Ayele
“Wonderful information” L.G.               “A very good book” B. Kirkpatrick
“I loved it” G. Rodriguez.                                  “My hats off to you” B.E.
“Thank you for this it was truly needed” QS        “You bring scripture to life” BG
“A great book, there is a lot in the book that explains what is available in the Kingdom” DD

The Chapters:
1 Kingdom principals
2 The Gospel of the Kingdom
3 The Power of the Kingdom
4 The Kingdom; God’s dwelling place
5 Who You are in the Kingdom
6 The Glory of the Kingdom
7 The Time of the Kingdom
8 The Battle of the Kingdom
9 The Mystery of the Kingdom
10 The Life of the Kingdom
11 The Possibilities of the Kingdom
12 The Finances of the Kingdom
13 The Angels of the Kingdom
14 The Judgement of the Kingdom
15 The Changing of the Kingdom
16 The Near future of the Kingdom
17 The Millennium of the Kingdom
18 Your place in the Kingdom
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