Lesson #180 Divine Healing and Health Refresher Course

Surely we know that God has provided healing for us through his Son, the Word of God (John 1:1). By his stripes we were healed (1Pet 2:24). Healing (and prosperity) has always been the plan above all things (3 John1:2). God is the LORD that heals you (Ex 15:26), all your diseases (Ps 103:3), restores your soul (Ps 23:3), and satisfies you with long life (Ps 91:16). The apostles who had seen the prophecy of Isaiah 53:1-7 fulfilled in person along with the evidence of a resurrected Savior, spread this confidence in the living and resurrected word to many. Those who are even more blessed; that have not seen, yet believed, are laying hands on the afflicted with this same confidence and the power of his promise. We will look at the practical ways to receive and retain healing from the leaves of the tree of life (Rev 22:2).

We know that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb 13:8). This provision has always been available, as we see also in the old testament. Holy angels have protected God’s chosen people from plans of fallen angels. An example of this is when the children of Israel walked by the red sea, accused God and Moses, and were bitten by snakes (Num 21:4-9). The poisonous snakes were always there (even as evidenced in the same area in World War Two by
English soldiers), but they spoke a death sentence unto themselves (Prov 18:21), because of an unchanging law that God had sent out before the foundation of the world (Deut 28:15-69). The serpent that Moses put upon a pole would represent what Jesus would do centuries later (John 3:14,Mark 16:18), showing that wholeness was always his only plan, even if we make our own (notice the snakes were still there to biting them, protection is not automatic, it requires faith). Whether we eat manna or bacon, we need to seek and speak life (Matt 15:11/1 Tim 4:4/Titus 1:15).

Sin is a weight on our spirit, and sinful thoughts need to be laid aside (Heb 12:1). We were not created to carry these burdens on our souls. The results of these yokes of bondage manifest in aches in our head, necks and backs. One example of this is unforgiveness, a trait of the devil not intended for us to carry. God said He will forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us (Matt 6:15). When we are unforgiving to another, regardless of the
circumstances, this baggage detains us from the presence of God. In the same way, if we are not givers, we are cut off from peaceful prosperity (Prov 3:9,10; 14:31, Mal 3:8,Ex 20:15). Being a provider shows God’s reflection upon us (Matt 10:37). God desires that we give food, drink, clothing and visit those in prison (Matt 25:35-45) and will give us provision to do so. If we curse others, cursing may come upon us, even unto our bowels (Ps. 109:17,18). Don’t judge or damn
anything (Matt 7:1,2). The reasons why people go to hell is that they have committed sin against the creation in the world that God loves, or have not trusted the God who teaches how to love (Rev 21:8). Some of the same have received payment for the wages of sin upon the earth (Rom 6:23,1 Tim 5:24).

We will also keep in mind that God doesn’t use the devil or sickness to bring you closer to God or teach you a lesson, as the accuser would want you to believe. Even Job initially accused God ignorantly (Job 1:21,9:17-24) until he later repented (Job 42:3) when God spoke to him (he couldn’t read Job 1:1 like we could and see it was the devil that took away from him; due to fear). The Holy Spirit is the best and only teacher. It is not for us to bear burdens (1 Pet 5:7/Matt 11:30).

Being born and socialized in this world would have you filled with other reports other than God’s report (Is. 53:1). Most of us have faith, but we have had some unbelief crowding out the word (Mark 9:24). Unbelief comes from popular opinion, common circumstances, life experiences and impatience, mixed and multiplied with time, feeding us doubts from the spirit of fear (Heb 2:15/2
Tim 1:7). But God; has given us His opinion, put a death sentence on circumstances, gave us His life, patiently took the stripes, coming out of timelessness into time, to bring us out of all types of darkness, by the power of his holy Spirit. Because God loves you, He is giving you His Faith. In
these days of the corporate blessing to the body of Christ, it is getting easier to heal. Only believe. Believe Him only.

We know God’s perfect will and desire is healing and long life for us all (Eze 18:32). Putting your trust in the Lord is refreshment to your bones (Prov 3:8), and health to all your flesh (Prov 4:22).  Finding wisdom and getting understanding is a tree of life of peace, happiness and a longer, life (Prov 3:16-18), without plagues or epidemics (Ps 91:3,6,10). This is your health plan. Your name is written in heaven, and God’s will is being done in earth through you. The Yes has been written in heaven and is coming to all the earth which belongs to the Lord. Eternal life is now connected to you. Praise God. Go your way. Your faith will make you whole.

Lesson #180