The Day Before Jesus Comes Back by Jeff Lowe

The bride will be ready, and yes equally yoked.  Rev 19:7, 2 Cor 6:14
Without spot or wrinkle, just as Paul had spoked. Eph 5:27
Unity and one accord with all denominations,  Eph 4:13
The gospel of the kingdom being preached to all the nations! Matt 24:14

All the saints are healed by the power of the Spirit Acts 5:16
Demons going back to hell cause they don’t wanna hear it. Matt 8:29
satan’s begging us to leave the damage has been done, Col 2:15
All who dwell on earth will know the power of the Son! Rev 6:16

All who joined God’s army will sing with one accord Rev 15:3
The kingdoms of this world are now the kingdoms of our Lord. Rev 11:15
Christs’ body has matured, with full knowledge of God’s will, Eph 5:17,Col 1:9,Heb 5:14        
To hurricanes, tsunamis; we’ll just say ‘peace be still!’ Mark 4:39,40

What more can we do? no demons left to fight, 1 Cor 15:22,23,26
The ex-cons, thieves and liars are preaching ‘God’s alright’! Titus 3:3,1 Tim 1:13
Abortion clinics shut down, our judges say ‘God rules’ 2 Thess 1:10
Our lives have become holy  and prayers are back in school! Eph 4:16

We’ve healed folks with our shadows, raised dead on ev’ry border, Acts 5:15,Matt 10:8
Miracles are common place, we’ve got our house in order. 2 Tim 3:16,17
Wealth and riches in our house to take care of our poor, Ps 112:3
Possessions shared, we’ve really cared, how could we ask for more? Acts 4:32

Tommorrow all the people in the graves will hear His voice, John 5:28
They’ll rise up to the clouds, who’ve made Jesus their choice. 1 Thess 4:17,18
Even those who pierced Him, will see Him in the cloud, Rev 1:7
And death will flee from those, so rebellious and proud. 2 Thess 2:11

Real hell on earth begins, that very frightful day, Rev 9:6
As we watch from above, for the remnant we’ll pray..1 Tim 2:1
Until the time the Lord comes back, we’ll rule and reign once more, Rev 20:6
The knowledge of the Lord, will cover shore to shore! Isa 11:9,10

And as I look today, many have caught the vision, Prov 29:18
Learning that long time ago, the Lord had made provision. 1 John 3:8
Will you be a spectator, or walk the wilderness? Josh 24:15
Or will you put on God’s armour & teach those how to dress. Eph 6:11

Apostles, prophets, teachers, are here for our perfection, Eph 4:11,1 Cor 12:28
Keep minds, hearts and ears open, for spiritual direction!  John 14:26,16:13
And in that Eve when Jesus comes, I’ll intercede once more, 1 Sam 12:23
For one more soul to answer, the knock upon the door. Rev 3:20