God reformed a young boy’s deformed legs in front of his mother’s eyes! Chris and Robin Harfouche

All miracles are phenomenal. They are all absolutely amazing.

However, there is this one in particular that I clearly remember. It was one of the first absolutely astounding miracles that I participated in.

During a service, this beautiful mother brought her six month-old child to my husband and me.  The child was born with severely deformed legs, and the medical prognosis was dim. The only hope for the child to ever walk was to reset the legs. The following day, the doctors were planning to break the baby’s legs and realign them. After the procedure, the baby would be confined to a full body cast until the bones had properly fused. Even then, there was no medical guarantee that this procedure would enable the child to walk. The parents were desperate.

We had ministered in the healing anointing and we were preparing to dismiss the people.  The service was over and we were ready to go home.  As we turned to leave, this beautiful mother ran up to us. Her baby was wrapped in her arms. Almost pleadingly, she asked us if we would be willing to say a prayer for her little baby. Desperation filled her eyes.  I began to weep as the compassion of God welled up from the inside of me.  We laid our hands on the child and just said, “In the name of Jesus, heal this beautiful baby.”  The glory cloud didn’t sweep into the room.  We didn’t sense the rain of the Holy Spirit.  There wasn’t an immediate manifestation.  We just prayed the prayer of faith.  The woman thanked us and then turned around and left.

The next night the mother came back.  She was ecstatic!  She stood before the church with her child and testified to what God had done.

After going home, she put the baby in the crib.  The child was scheduled for corrective surgery the following day.  Tucking the baby in, she started to walk out of the room.  As she was walking out, she froze in her tracks.  Cracking sounds were coming from the direction of the crib! Running back to her child, she looked down and watched as God supernaturally reset the child’s legs.  In front of her eyes, the legs straightened out and became absolutely perfect.  The Holy Ghost performed a surgery in the crib as mom watched!  The following day, she brought the baby and showed us.  The baby was perfect!  It was supernatural! I know it sounds amazing, but it’s true!

Praise God for His wonders, for His gifts, and for His miracles! Miracles are not only real they are available!