God can reverse the effects of even the worst injuries! Dr. Chris and Dr. Robin Harfouche

In August of 2012 Veronica was in a automobile accident. She was hit by a
car from behind while she was at a complete stop. The car that hit her was
going 50-60 mph. The impact caused Veronica’s truck to fishtail. Pushed
into oncoming traffic, she colliding with yet two more cars! One hit her head-
on and the other struck the side of her truck.
This accident left her with serious injuries. Her lower back was left curved
and her hips were uneven. She was in constant pain. Just doing everyday
tasks became a battle. She had trouble standing or sitting for periods of
time; even washing dishes or sweeping the floor would leave her in
excruciating pain. Veronica said that that she went to a doctor for about two
months, three days a week, but the doctor could not relieve the pain, and
finally she stopped going all together.

She came to the Miracle Conference in Orlando on Mother’s day weekend.
God spoke to Doctor Harfouche and I about people who needed healing
from pain. When the specific call for lower back pain was given she said,

“I lifted my hand, and when I did the Power of God started to come
upon me strong! Doctor & Doctor called me forward and Doctor Robin
said to me, ‘your hips are out of place God is putting them back in
place.’ When she said that I went completely numb from my hips down.
I say ‘numb’ but it wasn’t a type of numbness I had ever felt before. I
could move but I couldn’t feel anything. Then I just fell out under the
Power of God and a little bit later all the feeling was back.. As I moved I
had NO MORE PAIN! The pain is completely gone and I am  healed!
Glory be to God!”

~ ~ ~

Praise God for His miraculous healing power! I love to hear testimonies like
these. There is nothing to hard for God – nothing to difficult for Him to
perform! We would love to see you in an upcoming Miracle Meeting. Soon
we’ll be heading to Daytona Beach, Florida and after that to Harrisburg,

Go to globalrevival.com/events to stay up to date with our itinerary. Let God
do in your life a miracle like he did in Veronica’s!