Divine Appointment – Evangelist Kioko

Dear Saints in the Lord.
I am writing this quick note to show you how powerful your prayers are and encourage you to pray more especially for the people God has assigned you to pray for by divine connection. Last night would be probably a night I will live to remember.

During the day we had a powerful prayer meeting outside Nairobi at Mat village.  The name of the small town means footsteps. Our ministry was facilitating an all day prayer and fasting meeting for the pastors. We finished the meeting at around 5:30pm. Since I do not have a car one of the pastors asked someone who was coming back to Nairobi to give me a ride. I got into the vehicle and intentionally sat behind the driver’s seat so that I can witness the love of Christ to the people in the car since the pastor had told me they are not born again. They were three including the driver.

We started our journey and everything was fine. I started witnessing to them about the love of God. When we got to a town which is 40 minutes away the driver stopped and asked me to pray for him to receive Christ. I prayed with him but the other two guys rejected this opportunity. We left for Nairobi which would be about another 30 minutes drive. 15 minutes later as we were passing through Ruiru Town, a truck belonging to a media company rammed into us. The car lost control and rolled for about 100 metres before it landed onto a sewer.

All through I could hear these men screaming for help but in the background I could hear another sound like a river flowing with great harmony. I felt like I was being held tightly in my position so that I did not hit onto the vehicle at any one time. When the car stopped rolling I opened the door of the car and got out. People rushed to the scene of the accident.It was now about 8pm and people were pulling the other passengers out of the car wreck. To my amazement all of them died in the accident. The side on which I sat was the most damaged side of the car. Yet I got out without a scratch; not even my clothes touched. My soul grieves for the two men who did not take this opportunity offered to them to receive

The amazing thing is how God rescued me.

Later in the night the Lord revealed to me that the sound I heard were the prayers of the saints. There is a force hovering over the universe in the spiritual realm that controls the affairs of the saints -PRAYER. This is a true experience I had about 24 hours ago.
I am writing this to thank all of your for your prayers for us and other saints.
I am giving this testimony to the Glory of Jesus and appeal to all the saints to increase their prayers and intercessions. By doing this they will have added more to the force in the spiritual realm that controls the affairs of the saints.Thank you for any prayer you ever made for us.
God bless you.
Kioko  Feb 2009 Kenya, Africa