Enlarged Thyroid Healed –  Dr. Robin Harfouche

Dr. Robin proclaimed a prophetic word over all of Alaska. She
spoke of God’s harvest time and the need for preparation. At
times, silence swept over the congregation; as people
contemplated the weight of responsibility that this prophetic
word entailed. People were met with a decision…  Jesus is
coming soon, do you care? Do you care what happens to your
people? Do you care what happens to the world? The word, Dr.
Robin boldly shared, revealed how individual decisions are no
longer individual decisions. Our decisions effect the entire
world…. because the time we are living in is just THAT important!

A woman returned to testify last night that she had came in
earlier this week with an enlarged thyroid in her throat. She
showed how it was completely normal! When she came in it was
visibly sticking out of her throat… now her throat looked totally
normal… God is so Good!

More to come… Christie and the Gang